4 Creative Ways to Use Bog Mats

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(Newswire.net — April 13, 2017) — Thanks to bog mats; many construction projects have been made possible where they otherwise would have been impossible. Bog mats create temporary access solutions and enable heavy duty machines to move across building sites with ease and without any damage to the ground.

Bog mats come in various forms. Some are made from oak hardwood while some others are from tropical hardwood, and they all continuously supply solid surfaces to work from.

Bog mats have been in use for a very long time and some of their major functions are:

Pipeline Mats

Pipeline construction jobs usually take place in remote areas; places that are mostly water-logged and muddy with no access for the pipe laying equipment. Factors like this could cause a major setback in the project as the machines will not be able to access the site in time. Fortunately, bog mats have always been there to save the day by creating a temporary hard surface platform for pipeline machineries to get through.

Oilfield Rig Mats

Bog mats have also been a great source of help in oilfields. They create a solid platform for the drilling rig to stand on, so it can create holes in the ground – a process that would have been impossible as the ground would be muddy and unstable.

Temporary Road

Over time, bog mats have been used to create temporary roadways in areas that are inaccessible due to bad landscape. Once the bog mat is interlocked, it creates a smooth temporary roadway for both man and machineries to pass through.

We could go on and on about the traditional ways bog mats can be used, but there’ll be no fun in it and it’ll just be another “how to use bog mats” post. Instead, let’s look into some other creative ways to use bog mats asides the ones we’re already used to.

1. Concerts and Events

Surprisingly enough, your bog mat is not limited to the traditional uses. You can get creative and use it for some of your outdoor concerts and events. They provide a safe and easy parking space for your guests and can also be used to protect the ground against whatever stormy weather nature has in store for the party.

2. Camping

Camping is supposed to be an amazing experience, you get out there, relax, go into the woods, have fun and chat away your worries with your fellow campers, althoughit only stays interesting when you get back home hale and hearty without having your body decorated with all sorts of insect bites because of where you placed your mattress.

To enjoy the entire camping experience, you can use your bog mat as a platform to lay your mattress on so it doesn’t have a direct contact with the ground where all sort of insects can easily crawl up to share your bed with you. You can also put your camping items on it to be safer.

3. Home Gym Flooring

Another creative way to use the bog mat is by using it to floor your home gym. Because those gym instruments would probably not do well on a slippery floor, you need something sturdy and firm enough to hold them down while you work out.

4. Resorts and Parks

One more creative way to use the bog mat is by using it as a flooring surface at resorts or parks. People who don’t like to sit on the grass can comfortably get on the bog mat and enjoy their picnic. It can also be used as a firm flooring surface to avert the danger of any kid slipping and hitting their head on the nearest swing due to the slippery ground.

As you can see, the use of bog mats is not only limited to the traditional methods. You don’t need an oilfield or water-logged area to put bog mats into use. Get creative and explore new and more fun ways to use a bog mat.