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( — April 17, 2017) Mays Landing, NJ — DotCom Global Media recently published a Branding and Logo article focused on the importance of building a brand and creating a logo design that has lasting power. Four different  businesses were selected to properly illustrate the importance of logo design and a well executed branding strategy. The companies mentioned below are credited with having a unique and memorable logo and efficient branding. Please take notice how the logos and colors are distinctly recognizable. Consistency and solid branding are clear in these examples.

Staples: This nationwide retailer for office supplies and technological products uses a snappy red-on-white color theme. Red is the color usually associated with speed. In this case, the clear message is that you can expect fast customer service and up-to-date technology. The traditional, stuffy office feel is completely absent because Staples uses branding that expresses an upbeat atmosphere and modern technological expertise.

Progressive: This insurance company uses basic, stark blue letters on a white background, giving the impression of simplicity (i.e. it’s easy to get low insurance rates with them). The face of the Progressive company is a high energy lady with a huge, happy smile. This branding sends the message that customers are delighted with their Progressive insurance, and there is a warm and human quality to this business, despite the negative stereotypes of insurance companies. Progressive’s easy to spot branding is all over TV commericals, digital ads, and promotional mailers.

Dutch Bro’s: Along with the windmill that goes along with their Dutch name, the familiar drive-thru coffee company has developed a brand based on a culture of including their customers in a “Dutch Bro’s family.” Their branding especially resonates with Millennials, the Dutch Bro’s target consumers. The logos and packaging and merchandise is branded to express a trendy, upbeat, positive attitude.

Turnovers Baby Clothing: Here’s an example of an entrepreneur who took time to perfect the branding before launching this business. Turnovers is an eco-friendly baby clothing company that makes reversible, gender neutral clothing. Therefore, the logo uses the words “turn” and “vers” separated with a line drawing of a green leaf acting as the “o” in the word Turnovers. This branding has depth and it fits the core of the business.

Like these business owners did, you will probably need to create many versions of your logo before choosing and finalizing a design that’s worth using for years to come. 

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