Overcoming the Challenges of BOYD [Infographic]

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(Newswire.net — April 20, 2017) — Nearly 18 percent of respondents in one survey reported taking their devices to work though they knew IT was unaware of it. Over 28 percent of IT departments actively ignore unregulated BYOD activity themselves, which only encourages this behavior.


While BYOD can offer a smart way for businesses to cut the cost of company-provided smartphones, it’s not without its risks. If you want to utilize BYOD, it’s essential that you implement a clear policy for how employees can use their devices. Use a mobile security management suite to enable remote wipes and remote locks, protecting your data if a phone is lost or an employee quits. Specify which devices are suitable for BYOD purposes so your workers are using reliable smartphones and service providers like the Apple iPhone SE on T-Mobile’s network rather than unsecure and outdated technology.

Clearly disclose the company’s role in BYOD programs so employees know what data your IT department can and can’t access. If you plan to track the GPS location of devices or use a keystroke logger, this must be disclosed to your workers so they know what level of privacy they have. A clear and detailed BYOD policy will help you keep your data safe. Learn more about the risks and benefits of BYOD for your business in this infographic, Overcoming the Challenges of BYOD.