Online Gambling to Revolutionize Global Economy

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( — April 20, 2017) — Economies all over the world have stagnated due to the developments of the last decade. With the advent of inflation and recession, as well as the overall lack of public funds, countries are left to hope that their wealthiest citizens will perform an act of patriotism. Still, there is one industry which has actually managed to give the major economies a positive turn. Online gambling has largely influenced the budgets and overall fiscal stability of those countries where it is legally present.

Its appearance dates back to more than two decades ago, when people doubted it will even succeed. Nevertheless, the first licensed online gambling sites caused a boom by the number of people who accessed their platforms and the amounts of money they deposited to their accounts.

Since then, gamblers were able to choose from a variety of these games. Online poker rooms and casinos seemed to make up the largest portion of the industry, although bingo and lottery sites also enjoy a fair amount of player traffic. Plus, the original sports betting sites have a newer variant called fantasy sports betting which offers a completely different gameplay.

The greatest concern is that the online gambling industry has had a great impact on the land based, brick-and-mortar casinos and gambling houses. These sites have enabled players to gain access to their favorite pastimes without even changing out of their pajamas. Moreover, it has greatly reduced commute expenses during regular visits to the real casinos. Therefore, these land based businesses have lower revenues and thus pay lower taxes.

Still, countries are not concerned by this, since their novel gambling branch is a sure win. The only major obstacle which has prevented countries from feeling the benefits of this industry is the legal issue. In order to charge taxes, each government needs to legally bind the practice of online gambling. Throughout the years, this matter has clashed with many other policies but countries that have adopted it can surely witness its profitable effects.

A steady rise of $10 billion in the industry’s value per half a decade is an apparent example of its progress. Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the most socially and economically desirable businesses. After all, its revolutionizing effect on the economy does not consist solely of taxes.

Namely, many unemployed people have found their calling in this industry. The need to maintain, advertise and constantly improve the gambling sites has opened up numerous job positions. Plus, the need to achieve high-standard security elements explicitly shows that a great number of people are actively involved in the everyday workings of these online platforms.

Aside from regular taxes and the major job openings which have greatly reduced unemployment, there are other economic benefits prompted by the online gambling industry. These sites have provided players with an online location where they can interact and socialize. This secures the sites’ future position even more while it provides all kinds of other businesses with the opportunity to use this modernized word-of-mouth method.