5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Biker

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(Newswire.net — April 27, 2017) — With the advent of smart entertainment devices, vehicles have become the mobile abode for every person. Although, driving in the luxury of four wheels is comfortably interesting, some people have obsession for anything on two wheels.

But there are certain things that you should know if you want to become a biker. Here’s a quick lowdown.

Learn from the experts

It’s quite difficult for objects to stand on two legs. Basically, a minimum of three legs is required to achieve a firm balance. That’s where the headache of riding a bike is.

Most people think learning by doing is a better approach. Yes, that’s true. But contextual learning is best when the concept is not risky. As a newbie, riding a bike is dangerous. You’re trying to have fun and not to get yourself killed.

The first rule of being a biker is learning how to ride one from the experts. These experts will teach you the nitty-gritty of riding and build your courage.

Invest in safety gear 

There’s a golden rule in every workplace, and that’s “safety first.” Then other things can follow. Never compromise safety for anything; even for the brand or functions of your bike.

You should invest in a helmet, motorcycle jacket, comfort leather gloves, and boots. You could also add a bit of extravagance by wearing motorcycle pants. The focus is to protect yourself before taking the bike keys.

But that’s not enough. You must also seek legal advice on motorcycle accidents to satisfy your curiosity. Should an accident happen, you’ll know your rights and who to turn to.

Start with a second-hand bike

The fun you’re about to experience will prompt you to want to show off with an expensive and high-class bike. Don’t waste your cash; you can start with a second-hand bike.

In case you dent your bike while learning, you won’t bother much for you know you’re just starting out. You can show off with that expensive bike when you become a more conscious rider.

Be law abiding

As a biker, obedience to the law is getting your bike registered and having a license to ride. Registering your bike is easy. Essentially, you’d be required to submit documentations that show the bike is your, get checked, and then receive your plate number. 

In addition, you must pass the motorcycle safety foundation examination and successfully pass through the department of motor vehicles (DVM). Then, you’ll get your license without a glitch.

Get an insurance cover

The cost of getting a bike insurance isn’t as much as that of a car insurance. Moreover, insurance gives you a beneficial bonus when you need medical treatment from bike accidents. With few searches and online reviews, you could get a good insurance offer with relevant coverage and at a good price.


It goes without saying that each time you lay your hands on your classy cruiser, you shouldn’t be tempted to go faster than normal. Consider the weight of your bike, don’t get lost in the world of speed.

Remember that hospital bills aren’t free and that a little slip could lead to a lifetime paralysis. Lastly, you must not drink and drive.