Experts Say a Pain-Free Trip Is Absolutely Possible for Arthritis Sufferers

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( — May 15, 2017) Orlando, FL — It is a widely-known fact that arthritis causes pain and other symptoms. Thus, individuals with this condition tend to be subjected to immobility and reduced quality of life. The good news is that there are ways for sufferers to enjoy and do the things that healthy people do, such as going on trips.

A pain-free trip is absolutely possible for arthritis sufferers, experts say. For many people, traveling is a soul-nourishing and rewarding experience. Unfortunately, there is quite a number of arthritis sufferers who feel that travelling is either challenging or impossible.

According to experts, one of the ways that arthritis sufferers can have a pain-free trip is to simply prepare for travel efficiently. It is wise that they research and properly plan for their trip. It is important to remember that lack of preparedness can actually result in stress and tension, which can worsen joint pain symptoms.

Sufferers can decrease the likelihood of anxiety and pain by simply reducing the risk of tension and stress. Doing this would increase their chance of having an enjoyable and hassle-free journey or vacation.

It can also be quite helpful for arthritis sufferers to seek the help of a driver rehabilitation specialist or occupational therapist. These professionals can provide the best tips for preparing cars for travels according to their individual needs.

There are even car rental companies that provide special programs, which include cars with spinner knobs and swivel seats.

It is also important to note that the airport is a place where the chance of congestion is high. Thus, sufferers should make sure they avoid the crowd and long lines, and they can do this by avoiding travels during weekends.

They may reserve a seat that offers additional legroom or one that’s located in the aisle. Doing this would help them stretch their legs with ease.  They may also check to see if the hotel has saunas, hot tubs, or exercise facilities.

Individuals with a painful and debilitating condition, such as arthritis, should make sure that they have a travel buddy. They may even bring along a travel chair, walker, or any devices that can assist them. A pillow could be helpful for achieving support.

Of course, it could also be quite helpful to bring along joint pain supplements, such as glucosamine. This naturally occurring substance in the body is believed to help repair damaged cartilage and enhance overall joint health.

There are many glucosamine supplements available in the market today, and the best ones contain a combination of therapeutic ingredients. Some of these ingredients are chondroitin, MSM, and turmeric.


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