Top 7 Popular Time-Related Themes Used in Movies

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( — May 9, 2017) — You can rarely see a movie that has a unique central theme. Even indie films have a common motif. However, this does not mean that all movies can’t offer something different. There’s always a change in the characters, the story, and the lines. And even when they have the same story, characters, and lines, there’s going to be a change in perspective.

One of the most popular central themes among movies is time, be it in the past or the present. And among the time-related themes, here are the most common:

1.       The Monarch

When we talk about period films, who can forget about the monarch? Whether it’s about the medieval legend of King Arthur or the time of Queen Victoria, people are quick to love the life of the royalty. Sometimes, these movies talk about iconic battles like that of Braveheart or romantic pursuits like that of The Young Victoria.

2.       Vikings

Movies about one of the greatest warriors of the past are also common. And why not? They are easy to love as they often come with sea travel, politics, battles, and really romantic scenes. This theme is so popular that even games are made after it. If you want to know the best Viking-themed movies, you can visit this site.

3.       Apocalypse

Movies have shown us more than 20 ways the Earth will come to an end. There’s one where science goes out of control (World War Z), one where we face a natural disaster (The Day After Tomorrow), one where we’re under alien invasion (Independence Day), and more. The weird thing is that we embrace all of them. We love to see humans thrive in the face of danger and overcome even the greatest disasters.

4.       Dinosaurs

Jurassic Park is perhaps the most popular movie that centers on dinosaurs. However, you can find a lot of animated movies with a similar theme, too. Examples of which are The Land Before Time, The Good Dinosaur, and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. This goes to say that children are more likely to watch movies with this theme.   

5.       Space Travel

The great thing about space travel movies is that they are evenly divided on the past, present, and future. We have Star Wars which is set “a long time ago in a galaxy far away”. Then, we have Galaxy which is more or less set in the present, and Interstellar which is set in the future. All these movies make us ask the question, “What if?” and that’s what we really love about them.

6.       Samurai

There are many interesting things about Japanese culture and history. However, only a few of them can compete with the popularity of Samurais. It’s so popular that even Western film producers don’t hesitate in creating movies that revolve around them. One example of which is Edward Zwick’s The Last Samurai. If you want a Japanese’s point-of-view on this theme, then you can watch Akira Kurosawa’s films.

7.       Wild West

We can’t leave out the Wild West, of course. These movies have popularized folksy trends including folk music, cowboys and rangers, strong and independent heroines, sidekicks and guns, and more. The most popular movies with this theme are Wild Wild West, Django Unchained, and Unforgiven.

The great thing about movies is that it makes us forget about the present and it takes us to a time and place we might never be able to visit in real life. Maybe, that’s exactly why people love time-themed movies so much.