Just How Important Is Happiness in the Workplace

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(Newswire.net — May 12, 2017) Henfield, West Sussex — Many U.S. businesses may have been surprised by an eye-opening study put together by personal growth entrepreneur Robert Half, that shows just how important employee happiness is in the modern day workplace. The report has revealed several major factors that will contribute to workplace happiness, and just how significant it can be for a more effective business.

Half says that a key factor for employees is that they feel confortable within the workplace culture, which will help them to acclimatize and make substantive contributions with greater ease. He also points out that by empowering employees with the freedom to make their own decisions will help to improve employee happiness.

Employees feeling appreciated is another key factor that U.S. businesses need to take on board for creating a happy workplace that Half reveals, which he says goes hand in hand for establishing a positive working environment. Progress and achievement awards he says are also important for making employees feel proud of the company they work for as well as boosting employee happiness.

According to personal development coach Andy Shaw, there are 6 major areas of life that affect our happiness, a major factor for achieving a successful business career. His structured thinking website, saltori.com, offers a free happiness test which highlights on these 6 major happiness areas. According to Shaw, the happiness test can help people discover important insights regarding their attitude, confidence, outlook on life, awareness, fulfillment and connection skills.

The Saltori LinkedIn business page explains how this structured thinking system is helping teams, individuals and companies accelerate their success rate in the workplace. According to Shaw, individuals from almost 140 nations are currently using the Saltori system to help them become happy by removing all forms of negativity from their minds such as worry, doubt, anxiety, depression and fear.

The happiness test is available for everyone to take at no cost on the Saltori website, where further insight can be gained about the Saltori structured thinking system. A starter kit, a life breakthrough kit, and the first five chapters of Andy Shaw’s best seller book “Creating a bug free mind” are also available as free PDF downloads on the Saltori website.

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