8 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Australia

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(Newswire.net — May 13, 2017) — You’re planning to travel to the 6th largest country in the world. I mean, that’s a lot of fun you’re about to have right there, and there’s a high possibility that choosing Australia as a travel destination is probably going to be one of the best choices you’ve ever made.

There are lots of fun things to do and lots of sightseeing to enjoy. You get to fully enjoy soaking up the sun, swimming in pristine waters and experience the wonderful sight of wombats, koalas, kangaroos and lots more.

Australia is also one of the worlds favourite destination for permanent migrants. Since 2011, Australia has accepted almost 190,000 permanent migrants every year. However, Australia has tough immigration laws and therefore you might want to consider the assistance of a migration agent if you plan to stay in Australia.

However, before embarking on the trip, here are some things you need to know about Australia.

1. Australia is huge and diverse.

Don’t bother trying to see everything about Australia in those 3 days you’re planning to spend because you probably wouldn’t even see it all if you spent a month.

It may look small to you but it’s really just one massive country. With a 7,692,024 sq.km, it’s best you just visit the centres of attraction than trying to cover it all.

2. The sun is harsh

Yep, that’s right! The sun in Australia is quite harsh so you might want to wear a sun block or sundress to keep your skin from sizzling.

3. Australia is expensive

If you really want to enjoy your stay in Australia and you’ll rather not go out begging, budget at least $100 dollars per day. This will be mostly for your feeding and maybe a few activities, but maybe not accommodation or transportation.

If it’s possible, do not drink at all, but if you really have to, then just drink before heading to the bar because drinking at Australian bars is really expensive and you might end up going over your budget and getting stranded.

4. Get to know the local language

Of course Australians do speak English, but they have their slang words that have a strong control over the way they speak English. So, to avoid being left out when you travel to Australia, get yourself acquainted with their local language. Here are some words that might come in handy:

“tomato sauce” = ketchup; “thongs” = flip flops; “do you want to join us for tea” = do you want to join us for dinner?

5. Wildlife is no longer everywhere

Gone are the days of seeing kangaroos roaming the streets of Australia. Everywhere is developing fast and the kangaroos have moved inland.

The only place you can see wildlife would be at the zoo or wildlife park.

6. On tips

If you’ll be giving out a tip in Australia, it better be one large tip because their workers are very well paid. With a minimum income of $17.70 per hour, you can be very sure the workers are satisfied with what they earn and they wouldn’t be relying on whatever you have to give them.

Be sure your tip is a significant amount. If not, it’s likely someone would call you out of the goodness of their heart that you forgot to pick your change.

7. Slow internet

If you’re the type that’s addicted to being online then I guess Australia is not for you. This is because Australian internet is slow and expensive.

Although you can get Wi-Fi at hotels and cafes, but there’s a high possibility the network will be crappy too so you better start getting off the internet and enjoy more nature if you really want to enjoy Australia.

8. You’ll love everything

Yes, you probably didn’t know you’ll love everything there, from the beautiful sunset to the green rainforest, down to the beautiful beaches around.

You’ll meet good people, have great adventure, and memories that will last you a lifetime.

Now you know more about Australia than the average person. Book your flight and prepare for some real fun.