Ultimate Kitchen’s Sink Soap Dispenser Design Modified

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(Newswire.net — May 14, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Creators of a wide range of kitchen products, Ultimate Kitchen, has announced that their stainless steel sink soap dispenser has received modification after customer comments on the length of its threaded tube for thick deck set up. This sink soap dispenser from Ultimate Kitchen was received well on Amazon and previous buyers recommend it. The changes made on this soap dispenser will give room for Ultimate Kitchen’s clients to have a threaded tube to fit different countertop thicknesses.

Ultimate Kitchen takes every customer’s comments on their products seriously and replies to all of them. The firm strives to provide a 100% customer satisfaction and that’s why the comments of Juno Fairbanks, were addressed by making some changes on the product to fit the identified needs.

Juno Fairbanks, a verified Amazon buyer, said, “This item does live up to the promise of keeping a vacuum and always dispenses soap on the first pump. There is one design problem that it is important to note. The length of the threaded shaft that goes down through the sink to the bottle is not long enough to extend below the thickness of my sink, hence I was not able to connect the nut underneath to secure it. My sink has two inches of marble which is supported by another 1.5 inches of plywood. The obvious and best fix would be if Kitchen-Classics gets this note and redesigns their dispenser to have a threaded shaft that is at least another 2 inches longer than it currently is.”

Ultimate Kitchen responded to the client in a positive way as Michael Weir, one of Ultimate Kitchen’s directors assured the client of the changes they were making to ensure that the built in soap dispenser will be easily installed on sinks of different thicknesses.

Michael Weir, Director at Ultimate Kitchen, said, “Thanks for your review. We do read all of our reviews because customer satisfaction is very important to us, and while your installation challenge really only effects one out of every 300 of our customers, it is important enough to us that we have recently retooled our production process. It required us to create a completely new mold for the threaded section of the tube, but we have completed that upgrade and are now beginning our first production run if new dispensers with 8cm length threaded tubes. Not just on this model, but on all our models.”

The Ultimate Kitchen sink soap dispenser with satin finish possess a 17 oz soap bottle that can be refilled and used for a while before refilling it again. It is also made from stainless steel metal. The kitchen soap dispenser comes with a refilling soap feature based on the top of the dispenser. This has removed the need to bend down the sink and refill the soap bottle from underneath. One can pull out the cover and pour soap into the bottle for use from the top.

Ultimate Kitchen puts the needs of its customers first. Its decision to create a thicker threaded tube for this sink soap dispenser is a sign of how far the firm is willing go to meet the demands of its customers. Ultimate Kitchen’s aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction which it has continued to do over the years to date.

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