Rheumatologists Reveal Important Facts About Knee Articular Cartilage Damage

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(Newswire.net — May 22, 2017) Orlando, FL — According to statistics, osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the United States. While knowing the best treatment options, it is also necessary to ensure that sufferers know how the condition takes place.

Rheumatologists reveal the important facts about knee articular cartilage damage. It has long been attempted by experts to help people have their damaged articular cartilage regenerated and preserve their natural joints.

The articular cartilage, which is a soft white cartilage, is one that covers the ends of the bones. It works by helping the joints move smoothly and absorb the forces exerted throughout the knee.

Trauma, such as a sports injury, can be a cause of damage in the articular cartilage surface. It is important to remember that simple activities, such as running, doesn’t typically cause cartilage damage.

However, damage can happen in cases of previous injury or if the meniscus cartilage has been removed. Damage can also be caused by being overweight or by bone malalignment.

The cartilage surfaces can also be directly damaged by diseases of osteoarthritis as well as inflammatory arthritis. It is important to remember that the articular cartilage is incapable of healing on its own once damage has been done.

The cartilage can also break down overtime, and this is detrimental to the bone. It results in bone stiffness and cause bone spurs, otherwise known as osteophytes. This is believed to result in joint swelling and inflammation.

Once this happens, it causes more damage to the cartilage. It can lead to swelling, pain, and loss of motion. This scenario depicts the case of traumatic osteoarthritis.

There are different grades in which articular damage is bracketed according to its severity. When the cartilage is healthy, it is grade zero. It is grade 1 when there are blisters on the cartilage, grade 2 when the cartilage has minor tears, and grade 3 when lesions have deep crevices.

Grade 4 means that the underlying bone has already been exposed. There are actually several ways to repair articular cartilage damage. Replacing or repairing damaged cartilage before it absolutely wears out may significantly help.

It may even reverse damage and preserve the joints. Skipping this step can lead to bone wear, which pertains to a scenario where the cartilage damage has significantly progressed.

One way to potentially improve cartilage damage and health is to use glucosamine. This natural alternative is widely believed to be one of the best joint-enhancing supplements.


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