Doodling Could Potentially Result in Great Ideas

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( — May 22, 2017) Wilmington, DELAWARE — Today, many people resort to various activities just to ease stress and pressure, and one is doodling. This popular pastime could offer more benefits, and this is why an increasing number of people are engaging in it.

Doodling could potentially result in great ideas. People normally doodle in lectures or meetings for the purpose of occupying themselves. It is even believed to enhance one’s capabilities in work or school.

People doodle skateboards, cats, houses, trees, and other simply objects right from their subconscious.

In the Applied Cognitive Psychology study, it was found that doodling allows enthusiasts to remember information better. The research was conducted at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom.

It showed that the participants who filled in shapes or doodled while listening to a phone message experienced a memory recall better than the non-doodling participants by 29 percent.

The researchers suggest that doodling is potentially helpful in minimizing the risk of day dreaming.

The power of doodling is often underestimated. However, it is actually a productive habit. It can provide benefits that are far better than remembering facts.

There are many who believe that it has an empowering intellectual force. Enthusiasts can get distracted or unfocused when someone interrupts them while doodling. However, being completely engaged in this way can provide the brain with the chance to process complicated ideas.

There are popular people in the history who engaged in doodling, such as George Washington and Leonardo da Vinci. There are those who are engaged in creative arts that doodle to unlock their artistry.

According to the renowned author Lynda Berry, doodling is a powerful creative force. Berry is known for incorporating memoir, cartooning, and instruction into her works.

Lynda Berry has released her latest book called “Picture This”. It features paintings, drawings, collages, stories, and meditations. This amazing books demonstrated the ways that doodling can aid in exploring one’s interior life as well as in expressing one’s self in creative ways.

Doodling could be an effective way to help people become more creative as well as efficient in work and school. According to many experts, this mindless activity can even help reduce stress and redirect thoughts away from negative thought patterns.

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