Study Shows Atlantic City NJ Websites May Hurt Business

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( — May 17, 2017) Mays Landing, NJ — In a recently published study named “Atlantic City NJ Website Design: Local Evaluation of the Best and Worst,” a number of local business websites were evaluated, ranked, and graded for their website design and onsite marketing efforts.

The findings were based on a thorough analysis of each website, using a methodical evaluation process. Grades were assigned in the areas of website design, features, content, and authority. All grades and detailed notations are recorded in a full website design report for each business included in the study. A few snapshots of these reports are published online along with a summary of each website evaluation. Full reports are available at the request of the business owners associated with the websites featured in the study.

More than 25 business websites were featured in the Atlantic City NJ Website Design study. Each of the local websites selected for this study was graded and ranked according to the best and worst examples, and some were recognized specifically for demonstrating a high level of potential.

This study was conducted by the team of experts at DotCom Global Media, an established company that specializes in the field of website design and digital marketing. This company has been active for over twenty years and is widely recognized as an authority in digital media.

“We have incredible businesses here in New Jersey,” said owner Sam Natello, joined by his wife and business partner, Anna. The husband and wife team lead a staff of web designers, content writers, and social media managers from their office in Mays Landing, New Jersey.

Sam expressed his concern with the reality that this study has helped bring to light. “I was shocked and disappointed by the number of poor websites that we found in many of these towns. Some great restaurants and really cool shops have a terrible online presence. I’m surprised they are hanging on today,” Sam continued.

DotCom Global Media has worked with a vast range of businesses, from Fortune 100 companies to startup-level entrepreneurs. They currently serve clients from the Northeast to Florida, and as far west as Montana, but this local South Jersey team is especially committed to helping business owners in their home state of New Jersey. A lot of work was put into this study, because the DotCom team is invested in Atlantic City NJ Website Design.

The employee who is spearheading the NJ website design study has a message for business owners. Rhapsody Hahn-Chaney, a content manager at DotCom Global Media and the owner of an e-commerce clothing company, knows firsthand how important the Internet is for business. 

“Your business website is either helping you reach your sales goals, or it’s hurting you. There is no neutral,” Rhapsody says. “Search traffic data shows that people are checking online before visiting a new place or making a purchase. Your first impression is made when they find you online, or if they don’t find you at all. Even if you’re a one location, brick-and-mortar store, pay close attention to your online presence.”

This comprehensive study is one in a series of location-specific published works. The complete NJ Website Design series provides applicable insight for business owners in towns throughout New Jersey. The website designers and content managers who contributed to this study provided comprehensive notes for each featured business. This evaluation can help business owners to improve their current websites and/or launch a strategic online marketing plan. It also shows a clear picture of how a website measures up to the other businesses located in the area. The study is ongoing; therefore the list may be updated in the future to include additional examples of local website design. Likewise, the grades and website design reports may be revised at a later date to reflect upgraded websites and other major changes, at the request of the business website’s owner.

DotCom Global Media has extended a complimentary offer to the owners of the businesses featured in the series. Business owners can request a free website design report and schedule a phone consultation with Sam Natello, the senior website designer at DotCom Global Media. This is a prime opportunity to explore a website’s current strengths and weaknesses, and to identify opportunities for growth using effective website design and digital marketing strategy.

“I really hope the work that my team has been doing helps local businesses to improve their websites,” Sam said, optimistically. “There is a huge opportunity to grow through effective website design and digital marketing, including social media and content marketing. I would love to see more business owners taking this seriously. It would, without a doubt, breathe new life into our communities.”

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