5 Career Advancement Steps for Tech Professionals

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(Newswire.net — May 25, 2017) —  In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology, it can be very easy for tech professionals to fall behind and eventually become obsolete. Even those who are just starting out in an IT career can find it difficult to advance and feel as though they are becoming stagnant within just a few years. While career advancement in any industry can pose certain challenges, climbing the ladder in IT roles can be even more difficult.

For those who do not work in a technology field, this may seem surprising. After all, tech professionals are in higher demand than ever before in the business world, and that trend is only expected to grow in the coming years. However, there are millions of young IT professionals graduating every day, and the job market is still very competitive.

Especially considering the fact that those who are fresh out of school will have an understanding of the latest technology trends, and that they will be willing to work for much less than more experienced IT pros, it can be easy to feel like a dinosaur over the age of 30.

But even with the difficulties presented in the current business world, those who are smart and willing to learn can begin to move up the professional ladder by taking a few key steps. While nothing in this guide guarantees a promotion, these tips will put you in a better position to succeed and enable you to be ready when an opportunity comes along.

1.  Don’t be complacent

This may seem like an obvious element of career advancement, but the main thing that holds many IT professionals back is complacency. For whatever reason, they become comfortable in one role, with one set of responsibilities or only one specialized skill.

If you want to progress in a technology field, you cannot sit back in your job, waiting for a promotion based on your experience. You have to take charge of your career and be responsible for your own path.

2. Improve your communication skills

A survey of high-level executives conducted by Robert Half Technology asked in what areas could today’s technology professionals improve. The top response was communication skills, gathering 28% of the response from chief information officers around the country.

While IT professionals are generally experts in their specific field, many underestimate the importance of communication in the business world. Technical skills may open the door for opportunities, but communication and other soft skills are crucial to advancement and leadership roles.

3. Keep up with industry trends

One of the core characteristics of technology is change. Professionals who seek advancement must be engaged and ready to learn about new trends and developments in the IT world. Companies want to know that the person they promote is not only knowledgeable on current technology issues, but also ready to adapt to new changes.

4. Diversify your skillset

If you have recently read a posting for any IT job, you may notice that some companies want applicants to be an expert in everything from data analysis to ASP.NET Core logging. While you cannot be expected to be an expert in everything with a keyboard or wires, a diverse skillset will qualify you for an advanced role with your current company or a better job somewhere else.

5. Always look for opportunity

In order to move up, you need to be looking for opportunities to move up. However, you should also be looking for chances to learn new skills, network with new people or improve on an area of weakness. All of these are important elements to moving up the IT career ladder.