Ultimate Kitchen Provides Discount on Soap Dispenser

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(Newswire.net — May 26, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen has announced the launch of a 20 percent discount on its new oil bronzed foaming sink soap dispenser.

Ultimate Kitchen has been in the kitchen field for a while and has conducted research to uncover its customers’ desires. The products that Ultimate Kitchen creates each year are based on the outcome of its customer surveys. The new sink soap dispenser launched by Ultimate Kitchen has already been well received in the market. The discount the firm is providing should attract more clients and increase the products sale. Other kitchen products that Ultimate Kitchen offers are various types of home chef knives, both in single and sets. Also, the brand sells organic foaming soap for refilling their line of foaming soap dispensers. Coffee makers of different designs can also be found at Ultimate Kitchen.

The Ultimate Kitchen built in foaming soap dispenser has an oil bronze finish that can match with black and bronzed kitchen faucet finishes. The soap dispenser has the capability to be refilled from above rather than refilling underneath the sink. The large volume soap reservoir that it comes with allows the user to use the soap dispenser for several weeks without refilling. The soap dispenser can be set up by use of the accompanying installation video guide.

“Creating quality products that are eco-friendly is one of our major goals,” said Cassie Clark, Ultimate Kitchen’s Director of Operations. “We strive to build quality products but also consider their impact to the environment and the wallets of our customers. This built in sink soap dispenser we have just launched is eco-friendly as it can be installed permanently in your kitchen replacing disposable foaming soap dispensers. I just got one of these installed in my kitchen and it makes washing hands easier and quicker. Right now, we are offering the foaming soap dispenser on discount so that new customers may have the chance to buy the foaming soap dispenser.”

The sink soap dispenser has received positive reviews shortly after its release. The five different customers who have commented about the product on the Amazon review section have allowed it to have an overall 4.6 star rating. When the discount is launched, the Ultimate Kitchen brand expects additional reviews and sales as well.

Ultimate Kitchen’s new foaming sink soap dispenser is currently listed on Amazon at $24.99. The 20 percent discount will be operational as of May 1, 2017 and will last through to the end of May. During this time, the sink soap dispenser will be sold at $19.98. The foaming soap dispenser will join an active line of soap dispensers from the Ultimate Kitchen brand.

The foaming sink soap dispenser created by Ultimate Kitchen comes with an installation video guide that will assist the buyer to install it. The video guide helps the user to properly install the built in foaming soap dispenser and avoid the common mistakes made when installing the dispenser. In addition, Ultimate Kitchen provides a 5-year replacement warranty to buyers of this foaming dispenser on Amazon. The warranty covers any defect the product may have and the buyer has the right to file a complaint to exchange the damaged product.

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