Milk Thistle Popularized by Its Potential Health Benefits

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( — June 5, 2017) Orlando, FL — The use of natural alternatives such as milk thistle has been going on for thousands of years. This is due to these being believed to be safer options and loaded with health-enhancing properties.

Milk thistle is popularized by its potential health benefits. For over 2,000 years, this natural ingredient has been used with the intent to improve overall health. It has also been popularized by its possible ability to help fight certain conditions.

There are many people from around the world today who are practicing an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. These people are thought to be more susceptible to medical conditions due to the lack of vitamins and minerals in their bodies as well as the sedentary lifestyle they are practicing.

In addition, there are many environmental pollutants and toxins that humans are exposed to today. When these toxins accumulate inside the body, they may trigger the onset of various conditions.

There are many detoxifying methods that people can resort to. However, utilizing milk thistle is thought to be a safe and therapeutic way to draw out toxins from the body. This may be extremely helpful since these toxins have been linked with the development of various health concerns. Some of these conditions are high cholesterol, gall bladder disorders, skin damage, cancer, diabetes, and kidney stones.

Some researchers even suggest that the agents found in milk thistle may be as powerful as vitamins C and E. It is important to understand that these vitamins are essential in fighting free radical damage. They may also cause a delay of the aging process. The aging process has long been associated with the development of many conditions.

Milk thistle seeds have abundant levels of lipophilic extract, which serves as a bioflavonoid antioxidant. According to researchers, these types of antioxidants may have the ability to improve immunity and slow down oxidative stress. Milk thistle’s silymarin, on the other hand, has been believed to contribute to the decrease in the risk of cancer.

Further, this antioxidant flavonoid in milk thistle has the potential to fight DNA damage and improve immune system health. Some even believe that it may reverse the growth of cancerous tumors.

The researchers from the University of Minnesota highlight the hepatoprotective and anticarcinogenic effects of silymarin. In strong preclinical evidence, the researchers reveal the potential ability of silymarin to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the skin, cervix, prostate, and breasts of humans.

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