ValJax Launches New Kitchen Knife Set on Amazon

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( — May 31, 2017) Jacksonville , Florida — ValJax announces the launch of a new premium stainless steel 12 piece kitchen knife set with Bamboo wooden block and sharpener.

Chefs all over the globe find it easy to work with a quality knife or knives for every task that comes at hand. Chefs understand that for them to prepare food well, they need to have the best knife for precision cutting, chopping or even slicing of foods. Different foods need different knives and that’s why chefs should have the right knife for particular tasks like cutting meat, slicing fruits and crushing bones. Chef knives can be used for a range of kitchen duties. But having a knife set with 12 different types of knives can help chefs prepare various types of foods well. Chefs and cooks use diferent knives for cutting meat, slicing bread, slicing fruits, cutting vegetables and fillet knives for cutting fish.

The Valjax 12 piece knife set is at the moment rated at 4.2 stars out of the possible 5 stars on Amazon where it is being sold. Buyers of this knife set with bamboo wooden block and sharpener on Amazon have high praise for it. Most of the Amazon verified buyers say that the different knives give them a variety which is a key to cooking well and fast without risking spoiling the food. The 12 piece kitchen knife set from ValJax is currently being traded on Amazon at $35.35.

Becky D, a 5 star Amazon buyer, said, “I ordered these for myself for Christmas. I have been so impressed with this set! The stainless steel blades arrive very sharp, and will be easy to sharpen when the time comes. I love having 6 steak knives that match the others, with a great paring knife, chef’s knife, bread knife, and a Santoku knife all in one set. The handles are a beautiful black poly with the tang going all the way to the end of the handle. Stainless steel rivets complete the modern, sleek look. The bamboo block is unique in that it is narrow and can sit flat against the wall.”

ValJax is a firm that has its concentration on clients. The company strives to fulfill the ever changing human demands by coming up with new and advanced products. Some of the products that the firm offers include: bed pillows, shower head, and different types of essential oil diffusers. The 12 piece kitchen knife set joins an already performing line of kitchen knives being offered by ValJax on Amazon.

This knife set from ValJax offers users a santoku knife, chef knife, paring knife, bread knife, steak knife and a knife sharpener, all in one set. These knives give the user an opportunity to use the right knife for the different types of foods they cook in the kitchen. Every knife in the set is made with great balance that provides full control when using it to cut or slice food. The bamboo block stores the knife for prolonged use. The knives are made of stainless steel which is able to cut through any kind of food without bending or breaking.

The stainless steel 12 piece kitchen knife set is a great addition to any kitchen. The different types of knives mean that the chef can cut different foods using the right knives. In addition, the bamboo block secures the knives from moisture and rust for longer performance in the kitchen.

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