ValJax Offers New Bed Pillow With 40 Individual Springs

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( — May 31, 2017) Jacksonville , Florida — After a long day working or carrying out various practices, every person needs a sound night’s sleep. People who usually sleep on bad pillows and change their sleeping positions at night find it hard having a peaceful night’s sleep due to pain in the neck. It can be side sleeping, back sleeping or sleeping on the stomach. Having the ideal pillow can help provide a peaceful night’s sleep. ValJax offers different types of pillows in different sizes. There are standard sized pillows, king size pillows and now, queen size pillow. The pillows from ValJax keeps its shape and support as the user changes positions while sleeping.

Sleeping on a pillow that isn’t firm can lead to pains in the back, neck or shoulders. But sleeping on a soft and firm pillow will allow one to sleep soundly and without waking up to pain as a result of uncomfortable pillow.

Since the time the ValJax queen size pillow was released, it has received positive reviews from different verified buyers. These reviewers on Amazon applaud the product as being a quality one and enabling them have a sound sleep. Presently, the product has a 3.4 star rating on the same site. A verified 5 star Purchaser by the name, Barbara Climer, said, “This pillow is so comfortable and offered me a great first night’s sleep with exceptional support cradling my neck superbly.”

The ValJax active spring pillow is created with active springs which rebound as you change positions while sleeping. Furthermore, the pillow is filled with dense polyfibre that supports the pillow and give comfort to the user. It has satin and breathable mesh that allows free circulation of air in and out of the pillow for controlling the temperature of the spring pillow. This allows the user to sleep sound no matter the temperature of the room. The 40 individual springs enable the users to adjust their head while sleeping to any direction without feeling pain in the neck or waking up fatigued.

“The firm comes up with new and creative products every year. And the products we release undergo great scrutiny before they are finally launched. We don’t want to just produce products for the sake of selling but we want the products that we create to help our customers in their daily endeavors. A good example of our dedication towards meeting customer needs is the creation of this queen size pillow. The pillow is made of quality materials that allow free movement or air and it is comfortable too. Also, it eliminates the pain that people who sleep on poorly made pillows undergo,” said Steven Canyon, ValJax representative.

The queen size bed pillow from ValJax offers comfort and firmness that enables the user sleep without waking up with pain because of the steadiness it offers from its 40 individual springs and breathable material. Also, the pillow remains stable as the user changes position while sleeping. The ValJax bed pillow is at the moment being sold at $59.99.

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