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(Newswire.net — May 31, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen is a family owned business that has developed steadily from the day it was started. With a focused mission and goal, the brand has broadened its line of kitchen products in order to meet the various demands of customers. Coming up with unique products is never easy but the Ultimate Kitchen brand strives to ensure customers get what they desire. Apart from the chef knife set, the firm also offers sink faucets, sink soap dispensers, and coffee makers. These are of varying designs, colors, and sizes.

Suzanne Weir, Marketing Director at Ultimate Kitchen, said, “The chef knife with custom case is an excellent product that was well made to fit both professional and simple use in the kitchen. It comes with a good number of features that any busy kitchen would need. Along with the knife, customers receive a deluxe knife storage case that protects the knife from wear and prolongs the quality of the knife. Such products differentiate us from our competitors as we place the customer first in our endeavors.”

The chef knife is made of stainless steel material that is durable and corrosion resistant. This prevents the knife from rusting and can serve the user for years before requiring a new one. The knife is balanced with its pakka wood handle that offers a firm grip during use. Ultimate Kitchen provides a five year replacement warranty to buyers of this chef knife on Amazon.

Amazon has made it easy for Ultimate Kitchen to deliver products to its esteemed clients around the world. For a more efficient and less costly shipping, buyers on Amazon should joins its prime membership to get free shipping. The giant online marketer which is Amazon is very effective when it comes to delivering of goods around the world. This is currently sold on Amazon and other Ultimate Kitchen products.

Since it was first introduced on Amazon, the 8-inch chef knife with a custom case has received positive reviews. Amazon uses a 5 star rating system to rate its products. Customers on Amazon leave a score of between 1 and 5 which is used to rate the product. This product has a score of 5 out of the total 5. This shows how well it has been accepted by clients as a quality and efficient product.

“This is super sharp and very well balanced chef knife. It fits perfectly in my hand and is a joy to chop and slice with. It looks very fancy and seems like it would cost much more. It comes packaged in a very nice box and would make an excellent gift. This is one of my favorite knives and is at such a great price. It also comes with a five year warranty which is awesome,” said pammywammy, a verified Amazon buyer.

Ultimate Kitchen’s kitchen knife with a custom case has a razor like sharpness that can cut, chop, mince and dice different kinds of food. The 8-inch knife has a custom case for storing the knife securely and well. The knife is built for both professional and commercial use. In addition, its versatility in use makes it ideal for use by stay at home moms and professional chefs.

For those needing more information about Ultimate Kitchen chef knife with a custom case, it can be found on Amazon at a cost of $24.99. This product joins other Ultimate Kitchen products that are scheduled to be released this year. The company comes up with new products every year which is part of its agenda in expanding its line of kitchen products.

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