6 Creative Lead Generation Ideas to Try in 2017

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(Newswire.net — June 1, 2017) — Picture the following scenario:

You got home after long day at the office, and you’re about to enjoy what you think will be a nice and relaxing dinner with your family. But, just as you twist your fork in the steaming hot plate of spaghetti Bolognese and go for the first bite, your phone rings.

“Good evening! It’s Amanda from Fictional Company Name. Can I have your attention for a few minutes? We have a few questions about your coffee preference.”

This type of frustrating interruption is what you need to change in 2017 if you want to step up your lead generation game.

Acquiring and nurturing leads is a complicated matter, especially if you’re still using traditional methods. The numbers don’t lie: less than 2% of sales calls turn into leads. Let’s face it; most people don’t want to talk to strangers about their needs.

If you want to convert more prospects into leads for your Calgary SEO business, you need to use tactics that actually add value to their lives. Here are some ideas.

1.   Share a Story of Success

One of the best ways to generate new leads is by collecting and sharing success secrets from thought leader. Your prospects are more likely to give you their name and email addresses if they know that they’ll get in return a glimpse at the professional secrets of some of the leaders in your industry.

People are fascinated by real-life stories, and if you get them a chance to go backstage, they’ll definitely take it.

2.   Design a Test or a Quiz

When visitors enter your website, a quiz can excite curiosity. It’s a creative way to offer useful information in exchange for you learning more about them. The secret is to offer the results of the quiz in exchange for their contact information. It might sound like a dirty trick, but don’t underestimate people’s desire to find out which character from their favorite TV series represents them.

Eastern International College is an excellent example of how to use this tactic properly. They’ve created the following quiz to help students find the right degree program for them. The quiz provides content in an engaging way, encouraging students to provide specific information about them at the end.

3.   Provide a Glimpse of You

Revealing who you are, as a brand can be a powerful tool if used in a smart way. At the content level, writing a sincere post about your first trials and mistakes in the business, for instance, can make more people interested in you. Not to mention, people are more likely to give their contact information if the type of content you provide can help them avoid making similar errors.

4.   Create Help Videos

A how-to video is an excellent way to help prospects solve a real problem in a format that is fun and easily digestible.

The video hosting platform, Wistia, for example, has created an entire series of help videos for people who want to shoot beautiful videos. They have compiled all this video content into a learning center.

That doesn’t mean you should create a learning center too. But, you could identify some of the most common problems your prospects are dealing with and create how-to videos to help them.

5.   Plan a Giveaway

You know everyone is over the moon when it comes to giveaways. Traffic is skyrocketing around those days. But be careful to offer people something that they need. Otherwise, you can find yourself with a pile of irrelevant leads – people offered their information just to benefit from the offer but with no real intention of doing business with you.

6.   Create a Useful Template

Templates are one of the best and easiest ways to boost your lead generation. The great thing about this type of content is that it provides prospects with a framework for creating things on their own. For instance, if your small business offers web design services, you can capture more leads by providing prospects, with free WordPress templates.

Sometimes, prospects stop at the last stage, refusing to complete the form. Whether they’re feeling pressured to buy or just lost in the process, they end up adrift. While that’s not ideal, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re failing. In fact, you should use this as an opportunity to build a relationship with your prospects and keep your business fresh in their mind.