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(Newswire.net — June 2, 2017) Henfield, West Sussex — When confronted with bankruptcy in 2010, personal development professional, Andy Shaw, was faced with 2 dilemas. The first was to accept his loss and start building up his life again from square one, and the second was to sink into deep depression. Shaw says that he soon realized that once his mind could accept life for what it really was, and not drawing contrasts between reality and expectation, his life would move slow enough for him to have total control over his future.

In an article published on his website, Shaw says that when he was confronted with total bankruptcy, he knew he had to be crystal clear with his thinking. He adds: “I knew this was a short-lived scenario and the only way it would be a long-term scenario would be if I allowed it be so. I thought about vanishing off into the business world and making another fortune, and re-emerging in three to five years time as another success. Nevertheless, something had actually changed in me, as I had actually found the trick for controlling my own mind and thoughts.”

Shaw admits to not immediately recognizing just what he had actually stumbled upon; the missing piece to mind control, which he says he wanted to share with every person in need of resetting their mind, when faced with having to rebuild their own life or business. He describes how at his lowest point in life, he just felt an unexpected need to share his newly-discovered wisdom with the entire world. He says: “Why should I keep the secret to joy and success all to myself? This sensation of ecstasy I wake up to every single day is not something to be hidden away, but something to be shared with the whole wide world.”

During recent years, Andy Shaw has become an internationally renowned personal development teacher, with people from nearly 140 countries following his Saltori method of structured thinking. Saltori Training has recently been launched in North America for training companies and employees to apply Saltori Structured Thinking techniques right across the board of any business or organization. More information about the Saltori system can be found on saltori.com, along with several complementary start-up packs, personal development PDFs and a unique happiness test.

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