Low Testosterone Levels May Be Indicative of the Development of Rheumatoid Arthritis

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(Newswire.net — June 14, 2017) Las Vegas, NV — There have been many studies conducted to determine the factors that contribute to the development of rheumatoid arthritis. This condition is believed to be an autoimmune disorder, but there are other possible reasons behind its development.

Low testosterone levels may be indicative of the development of rheumatoid arthritis in men. In the United States, rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most prevalent arthritic conditions, second to osteoarthritis.

There are many who live a reduced quality of life due to the condition. Scientists continue to investigate how exactly it develops in order to establish some proven measures to help prevent its development.

According to a research study published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, low testosterone levels may predict the subsequent development of rheumatoid arthritis in men.

Sex hormones have been linked with rheumatoid arthritis development. According to experts, men and women who suffer from the condition tend to have reduced testosterone levels in their blood versus healthy individuals.  However, it is important to remember that it has not been determined yet whether testosterone levels are a consequence or contributory factor of the condition.

The findings of the study were based on the Swedish Malmo Preventive Medicine Program (MPMP). This program started in 1974 and the researchers monitored the health of over 33,000 individuals born between 1921 and 1949.

Part of the program involved subjecting the participants to a battery of tests. They were also made to complete a questionnaire on health and lifestyle factors. The researchers also took blood samples after an overnight fasting.

The researchers crosschecked the national and reginal registers to identify all MPMP participants, who were diagnosed with the condition up to December 2004. The researchers found that men who had lower testosterone levels in their blood samples were more susceptible to developing rheumatoid arthritis.

The male participants also had significantly higher levels of the follicle stimulating hormone, which is a chemical involved in reproduction and sexual maturity. The higher levels of this hormone were found before rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis.

Studies are still underway to discover certain aspects necessary for the prevention and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. While there hasn’t been any cure for the condition yet, sufferers resort to a variety of measures to improve their pain and overall condition.

One of the pain management options is the use of pharmaceutical drugs, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). While these medications are believed to be helpful for the pain and mobility of sufferers, they may lead to side effects.

There are alternatives believed to be safer than these pharmaceutical drugs, and one is the use of curcumin supplements. Curcumin is a phytochemical found in the ancient spice called turmeric. This phytochemical is believed to contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antibiotic, anti-tumor, and anti-carcinogenic properties.


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