50 Years of David Bowie – Celebrating 50th Anniversary of Artist’s Debut Album

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(Newswire.net — June 8, 2017) — David Bowie has had such a long lasting career that it would be easy for someone to mistakenly assume that the man was born a star and that he’s been gracing his audience since the dawn of time. However, that’s not entirely the case as there is an origin to the legend. Even though a lot of people might find it hard to believe, there was a time long ago when a very young David Bowie was just starting out in the music business. By his name David Jones, he released a handful of songs in the early 60’s such as Liza Jane or Can’t Help Thinking About Me in 1964 and 1966 respectively. Those, as well as the 1965 single You’ve Got a Habit of Leaving would mark the debut of the artist but not his music signature.

The well known style which defines David Bowie would only be born later. And later it did, as with the date of June 1st, 1967, came an album that would go down in history as the starting point of a very long, successful and acclaimed career. David Bowie’s debut album was released on this day and also bore the singer’s name. The self-titled record hit the store shelves rivaling albums such as Sgt/ Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band from The Beatles. While the album was definitely identifiable as David Bowie’s work, it didn’t really sound like anything that he would go on to create from that point on.

The debut album was heavily inspired by fellow artist Anthony Newly and the Broadway-reminiscent style of performing that Bowie used on it lacked all the iconic traits that fans grew to expect from him. While the album has its own place in history, it would be another two and a half years from its release before David Bowie would enjoy the spotlight. His debut into mainstream happened around this time, with the release of his second album. Initially self-titled just like the first one, it was later on renamed for the US audience.

The new name was Space Oddity, mimicking that of the most popular track on that record. Thus began the legendary career of David Bowie. But even though it would take him a while before he could identify and nurture his own style, the contributions of his debut LP should not be forgotten.

The first step in his journey should be remembered even if he chose to change course along the way, as it’s what got him on the road on the first place. Today, we have 50 years worth of hits, legendary albums, artist ringtones and musical experimentation to enjoy, and many argue that we have that first 1967 stepping stone to thank for it.