“Your Child’s Habits can Predict their Future.”

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Habits make us, but we tend to think we can break habits by sheer will and at any time we put our mind to it.  Not so in terms of oral habits that start in youth and form the growth and development of our bodies to include how we physically breath, swallow and sleep.   Those are the habits that hard wire us for a lifetime of good health or misery.  

9 out 10 children have 1 or more symptoms linked to Sleep Disordered Breathing.

Without treatment, these conditions become lifelong health concerns.

There is a solution- HealthyStart™offers a comprehensive, preventative, safe, FDA Approved, non-pharmaceutical treatment with permanent results and in the process when started early- produce straight teeth!

Leslie Steven CEO,  “Show me your child’s habits and I will show you their future.”   

“92% of cases do not self correct and if you wait and miss the opportunity to address this in the growth years, you will be left with costly, ineffective and painful Band-Aids for life.  Understand these symptoms, which are sounding an alarm, should prompt parents to have their child evaluated by a certified provider.  Our first message- Don’t Wait!”

Sleep Disordered Breathing Symptoms; outward signs of unhealthy underlying oral habits.

Mouth Breathing


ADD/ADHD Like Behaviors

TMJ Issues

Bed Wetting

Academics, Science, Math, Spelling

Restless Sleep

Arrested Growth


Chronic Allergies, Eczema, Asthma

Crowded, Crooked Teeth

Teeth Grinding, Bruxing

Tooth Decay Dry Mouth

Overbite/Overjet, Malocclusions

Dark Under Eye Circles

Swollen Adenoids/Tonsils

Aggressive Behavior, Irritability, Depression, Anger, Headaches

Daytime Sleepiness

The SYMPTOM Connection.  For decades, we could not see how it is all connected, how these habits form and the long-term damage they caused.  Because this problem is so prevalent, it did not stand out because when you see it everywhere you stop recognizing it as un-natural. There is now clear evidence that this exists; so let’s connect the dots on how it relates to our child-rearing lifestyle and basic lack of awareness.  Yes, the connection to nipple bottles, pacifiers and soft foods play a role in changing tongue posture that results in mouth breathing and a restricted airway. It does not end there, it cascades from there.  If it is not treated in the growth years, it becomes a permanent condition.  So- Don’t Wait!

3 Lecturing Doctors comment below.

Dr. Amanda Wilson, DDS, MDS, Straight Teeth Solution Dental and Orthodontic Consulting.  Orthodontists must be aware of the skeletal age vs dental age- we know it is different now. Girls are maturing now, sometimes at 7 and 8.  We need to treat at two different stages and address the skeletal growth early.  Patients want this- they can wear it mostly at night, nothing bonded to their teeth, it has been used on 3.5 million cases- a removable appliance – exactly what parents want and an incredible patient experience.  Orthodontists need to embrace the opportunity and new technology of the decade, the new technology of your generation.  The early adopters will do amazing things in their community and profit, so jump on board!

Dr. James Forester, DDS Board Certified Pediatric Dentist, Coastal Dental San Luis Obispo, treats children and special needs adults.  Dr. Forester was certified less than 2 years ago and will introduce newly trained doctors to the life changing impact this treatment is likely to have on their practice and patients.  “We see 50 children a day and currently have about 300 HealthyStart™️ cases underway.  Parents are stunned with the changes they see in their children and how quickly it occurs.  Surpassing the scope of expectations, they say but wait- there’s more!  I came to you for the crooked teeth- but the bed-wetting has stopped!  Or we thought the snoring was a problem but we also notice the allergies have cleared up.  We have evidence that the oral habits are being corrected with one comprehensive treatment.  With 300 cases, our conviction is solid and parents deeply appreciate the results their children experience.”   

Dr. Jill Ombrello, DDS, USDI Central Dental, Dallas Texas.  Parents want to know where to begin.  The Sleep Questionnaire.  How could they connect these habits to SDB?  Originally they saw my questions as a bit nosey- but as they learned more and understood, they even shared this new-found awareness with other mothers. The problem is so common and so concerning among various specialties, we have in effect, formed a Specialized Network of Pediatricians, Board Certified Sleep Doctors, Chiropractors, ENT’s, Physical Therapists and MyoFunctional Therapists- because we are all looking for a solution.  I am a 4th generation dentist, a HealthyStart™patient myself and have trained directly with the inventor Dr. Earl Bergersen. I am profoundly anchored in the role our profession plays in the lives of children.  Parents want better for their children, nothing is more effective, noninvasive and permanent than HealthyStart™- this is what parents line up for!

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50 YEAR CELEBRATION!  Dr. Bergersen, DDS ,MSD, ABO will be honored on August 4th. at Northwestern Universities Pitzkers School of Law.   Dr. Bergersen was an Associate Professor at Northwestern Dental School for 25 years.  Please see attache CV and brief BIO.

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WORLD CHANGER.  Board Certified Orthodontist, Dr. Earl Bergersen DDS, MSD, ABO,

50 years ago founded Ortho-Tain and is the inventor of the HealthyStart™ Treatment system with over 3.5 million cases worldwide.  Bergersen taught 25yrs. as an assoc. professor at Northwestern Dental School, holds 514 US and International Patents, has delivered over 500 Seminars and has published more than 80 peer reviewed articles.  HealthyStart™ by Ortho-Tain™ appliances are FDA approved, Health Canada approved to a level of a Class II Medical Device.  There are no BPA’s no Silicone, no Latex and appliances and cases are antimicrobial, ISO 13485 and American Made.  Treatment is available in 37 countries.

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