Surgical Drainage Awareness Month Starts June 2017

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( — June 12, 2017) Durango, CO — Surgical Drainage Awareness Month officially starts in June of 2017. It’s being started as an initiative of the important need to help educate the public on this important topic, since millions of people receive minimally invasive surgery annually. Millions of patients globally will receive some form of surgical drainage every year. 

According to Wikipedia, a surgical drain is “…a tube used to remove pus, blood or other fluids from a wound.  They are commonly placed by surgeons or interventional radiologists. Drains inserted after surgery do not result in faster wound healing or prevent infection, but are sometimes necessary to drain body fluid that may accumulate and in itself become a focus of infection or retained blood complications.” 

Upon surveying the extent of information in the public sphere on the topic of surgical drainage, it was determined that there was simply way too little easily accessible information available. The general public needs to have more information available to them and more opportunities to get the details they need on topics, including using catheters and drainage bags. As a result, Surgical Drainage Awareness Month has been created to help spread the word about this critical form of medicine.

Visitors who go to the Surgical Drainage Awareness website will find a free toolkit that can be downloaded, which offers the ability for hospitals, doctors, offices, groups, and healthcare facilities to have their own free Surgical Drainage Awareness event. Included in the free downloadable toolkit is a local event logistics guide, an editable event press release for media coverage, an editable mini PowerPoint presentation, an event evaluation form for attendees, and social media images for Facebook.

Dr. Mario Torres-Leon, the Radiology Interventionist who started Surgical Drainage Awareness Month, had this to say about this landmark event. “The Surgical Awareness Month initiative was born out of the global necessity to fill the void associated with educating the public about how to prepare prior to and go about life after a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Nowadays, 9 out 10 surgical patients undergo such procedures worldwide and yet there is no adequate access to reputable and trustworthy information.  Through the efforts of the Surgical Drainage Awareness Foundation and its visionary supporters, we anticipate closing this gap for millions and ultimately enhancing the quality of life of all who have or will require a medical intervention of this nature.” 

To discover more about Surgical Drainage Awareness month and download the free toolkit to promote your own educational event, please go to

About Surgical Drainage Awareness Foundation was created by the Surgical Drainage Awareness Foundation. The purpose of the Surgical Drainage Awareness Foundation is to help educate the public on Surgical and Interventional Radiology performed medical drainages via free events sponsored by medical practices, medical facilities, and hospitals.

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