C7 Corvette: The Next Generation Sports Car and Timeless Design

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(Newswire.net — June 14, 2017) — Are you a Corvette aficionado who follows the sports car industry with keen interest? If so, you will have noted that that Chevrolet places a high priority on designing sports cars with the latest technology as well as a shape that will not date itself. Corvette designer, Kirk Bennion offered the following opinion when asked what the secret to designing cars that remain timeless over the years is: “You want to improve the breed of the car and integrate the latest technology… You also want to give the car kind of a timeless look and not get too trendy, knowing people are going to coddle these cars and own them for a long time.

Chevrolet Corvette: An iconic sports car

Before we look how important it is to achieve a balance between following modern design trends and ensuring that the shape of the vehicle will remain relevant for many years after it has been purchased, let’s have a look at the definitions of a sports car as well as what makes the C7 Corvette such an iconic car.

In short, a sports car is usually known as a small, usually two-seater, two-door automobile designed for spirited performance and agile handling. Furthermore, the Corvette is a sports car which is manufactured by Chevrolet. Actually, according to Bruce Kunz, “the Chevrolet Corvette is arguably America’s most iconic sports car.”

The first model, a convertible, was introduced at the GM Motorama in 1953 as a concept show car. It was named, by Myron Scott, after the Naval Corvettes, a small, maneuverable warship. The good news for Corvette lovers is that this convertible concept car generated enough interest that Chevrolet decided to release it as a production vehicle in the middle of 1953. The car’s stylish design has changed completely from the original first generation Corvette to the current seventh generation vehicle. The sports car’s designers have incorporated the latest technologies while attempting to keep the exterior and interior design fresh and relevant on the one hand, and timeless on the other hand. 

The balance between modern trends and timeless design

The term “timeless design” speaks of a car from another era which still looks good today. In other words, it fits in with the latest vehicle trends while retaining its classic elements and lines. Ergo, a timelessly designed car is a well-designed vehicle that has staying power. It is not a temporary, throw-away vehicle like some of the latest entry-level cars. 

Furthermore, studies done in 2012 showed that the Corvette had become an “old man’s toy” with 46% of buyers aged 55 years and older. To quote John Fitzpatrick, Corvette’s marketing manager: “nobody wants to be seen driving an old man’s car, but everybody wants to be seen driving a young man’s car.” Therefore, to counter this assumption, the Corvette’s marketing gurus planned to change the public’s perception of the vehicle and make it more appealing to the younger generation. 

Finally, to make the Corvette more attractive to the Millennial generation, Chevrolet’s vehicle designers have to find the balance between what the modern generation likes and the sports car’s classic appeal and styling.