The Advantages of Portable Telescopes

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( — June 15, 2017) — A telescope is an elemental tool for students of astronomy. A challenge often faced by students or enthusiasts of the universe is the portability of the telescope. A telescope is composed of many building blocks, and so the best of them are mostly transfixed at one position with a view of the sky. However, considering the explorative nature of students, and limited places where fixed telescopes can be found, there is no wonder in the development of portable telescopes, which boast many advantages which are listed below.


It may sound like the most obvious advantage but it cannot be disregarded simply because it is too magnificent. For the student population, the task of searching for public libraries with telescope facilities or travelling far every day just for the sake of conducting their studies becomes a lesser headache to deal with. You can carry your telescope around anywhere you can get a good clear view of the sky, which means that your limitations with regards to the number of different angles you can view the sky from are considerably decreased.


A portable telescope, on the whole, actually costs a whole lot less than regular immobile ones because their construction is lighter. This means that affordable portable telescopes are not hard to find if you are an avid user of a regular one, and even if you are new to the studies of the stars or just very enthusiastic about it.

The money you save can be reinvested in additional components for the telescope such as more rigid cases, a variety of lenses etc. Furthermore, the cost can also be reduced if you do not own a telescope yourself and use services through a public library or institution, because they require memberships and maintenance charges which can be avoided if the telescope is the only reason why you go to that place.

Multiple Viewing Points

A portable telescope can be used anywhere that has a bit of an elevation and offers a clear view of the sky. At this point, it is not important to consider the complexities involved in studies, but it can be understood why it is beneficial for users to have one telescope that can be carried around and used anywhere they want. It considerably increases the scope and range of area covered during the studies which are normally quite difficult even for telescopes enabled with 360-degree rotation.

Repairable and Replaceable

Unlike the aspect of shorter durability which is associated with most portable devices, a portable telescope can be fixed if any component is broken and new parts can also be found from appropriate service centres. Considering the fact that it is lower in price, it comes as no surprise that even in the unfortunate event that your telescope stops working, you will not suffer a very devastating damage to your budgeting.

Regardless of these factors, however, it is still a smarter choice to invest in the most durable portable telescope you can so that expenses are lowered in the near future.