5 Essential Marketing Tips for Online Businesses

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(Newswire.net — June 18, 2017) — As an online entrepreneur your resources are limited; however, there are plenty of free and low cost marketing methods that’ll help you succeed. In today’s digital world, social networking, website rankings and content production can have a more profound effect on your business than television or radio. And if you manage your promotional efforts effectively, there’s no reason why your business won’t shine.

Start Building an Email List

While social media provides platforms that allow you to connect with potential clients, never underestimate the power of an opt-in list. Not everybody will view your updates via social feeds, so having an email list ensures that your message will reach potential clients. Place a subscription form on your website and write a weekly newsletter to keep everybody informed.

Produce Great Content

If you’ve ever delved into online marketing before you’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” on numerous occasions. People use the Internet to source information, and if you aren’t providing high-quality copy they’ll simply look somewhere else.

Due to annual changes in Google’s algorithm, low-quality content is constantly being filtered down and out of their search rankings, so the only way to solidify your position is to produce excellent resources. According to Gain Bitcoin, “The simple addition of a blog can do wonders for your website. Google views it a fresh content, while the informative information will help to reinforce your brand as a market leader.”

Use a Responsive Website Design

According to We Are Social, over 50% of the world’s web users use a smart phone for accessing the Internet. If your website isn’t viewable on a mobile device, you could lose a lot of business. Responsive website templates will ensure that your website can be viewed on any browsing device without hindering the quality of the layout. This can significantly increase user engagement.

Maintain Active Social Media Feeds

Social networks are hugely powerful. They allow you to instantly connect with potential clients and previous customers with just a few clicks of a button. According to Statistic Brain, the average person spends 15.33 hours on Facebook every month. If you attain followers and regularly keep them updated via social media, you’ll constantly be exposing your brand to them. This can equate to hours and hours of free, direct advertising. If you don’t have the time to build a following from scratch, buy Instagram views or Facebook followers and get the ball rolling. When your numbers are up, organic viewers will take you more seriously.

Manage Negative Online Reviews

Obviously the priority should lie in providing a good quality service and preventing negative reviews in the first place; however, mistakes do happen and people will warn others. Scour the Internet on a regular basis to see if anyone is verbalizing their negative experience. Try to resolve the problem directly and retain your professionalism when you publicly respond.

Running an online business is tricky and comes with a steep learning curve. However, follow these tips and you’ll not only see an increase in web traffic, but also greater loyalty among your past customers.