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(Newswire.net — July 1, 2017) Mays Landing, NJ — Anyone who knows anything about using social media for business should be familiar with three names: Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Stelzner, and Max Steingart. Each of these men has a long history of success in the social media space, and they are still actively leading the industry today.

While Zuckerberg and Stelzner are known for shaping social media and the world’s understanding of it, Max Steingart is better known for his application of social media for business, especially when it comes to lead generation and MLM lead generation. Max teaches businesspeople how to use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find free qualified leads and take steps that strategically move prospective customers towards a sale. His process is summed in the following four stages: Connect, Create, Communicate, Close.

Max Steingart is famously called the “Godfather of Social Media,” but after a few years his website was beginning to look like more of a grandfather. The fact is that website design ages far more quickly than non-digital marketing materials. It was necessary to revamp the website behind the maxsteingart.com domain in order to maintain relevance and increase the online traffic.

This social media marketing authority website for finding endless free leads was redesigned for Max and launched earlier this year. Once the site went live and search engines began crawling it, traffic numbers steadily increased. An on-page content marketing strategy was implemented simultaneously to attract targeted visitors using keyword optimization. Besides adding a boost of SEO, the new Max Steingart blog is also valuable from an information standpoint.

Many design elements were added to create visual interest and balance. The keyword-dense copy was formatted for maximum SEO and traffic generation. The homepage design and all of Max’s landing pages are clean and direct, keyword optimized, and responsive to mobile devices. The call-to-action is clear on every page, and the user experience is much better than it was on the old website.

This website project was placed into the capable hands of DotCom Global Media, a web design and digital marketing company. DotCom Global Media has worked with various businesses over the past twenty years, from the big guys like Max Steingart to family-owned businesses and startup-level entrepreneurs.

Owner and senior web developer, Sam Natello, is joined by his wife Anna Natello in leading a team of website designers, content writers, and social media managers. Their office is located in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Sam Natello has built hundreds of custom websites for clients at DotCom Global Media. His digital marketing team is currently working with dozens of clients to drive online traffic and increase engagement on a monthly basis.

An incredible amount of research was dedicated to the launch of the new Max Steingart website. DotCom’s broad scale evaluation of website design across the state of New Jersey was a helpful resource in the planning stages, even though Max is based in Florida. The NJ Website Design Study is ongoing, where they evaluate various business websites and publish their findings online. This in depth study makes it easy to learn from the best websites in a specific town, country, or industry. It’s also helpful by identifying things to avoid or improve upon, as demonstrated by those listed as the worst websites. Grades are assigned in the areas of website design, features, content, and authority. Specific comments are published online for each website in the study, and a full report is available at the request of the business owners.

“It’s amazing to see the finished project,” Sam Natello said, referring to the recently launched website for Max Steingart. “We put so much into the planning and beginning stages so we can set a laser focus on the end goal, which is teaching people how to get Endless Free Leads! It’s all about communicating the right message and attracting the visitors who are the most likely to become customers. It’s awesome to publish a beautiful site and see it start working like it’s supposed to.”

Any business owner in any town can follow Max Steingart’s model for social media marketing, and also the example set by his new website. Formulate a strategy and work hard at it! That’s the key to website design and social media marketing. Smart businesspeople know how to learn from the professionals who know what they’re talking about, and that’s how to follow in successful footsteps. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

If you’re planning to develop a website like Max Steingart’s or start using social media for business, hire a professional to either do the work or coach you through the process. Once you know that you’re on the right track and you have a clearly defined strategy, you’ll be on the right track to connect, create, communicate and close sales, just like Max is doing it.

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