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( — July 1, 2017) Mays Landing, NJ –Professional business websites are never one-size-fits-all, which is exactly why a template will practically always look generic. There is a checklist of standard elements and features that all websites should have, but the identity and feeling of the website should be every bit as unique as the business itself. This part is usually a challenge for web designers.  

Working with clients in professional industries like insurance proves to be especially difficult. Companies in these types of industries have a tendency to feel dry and devoid of personality. Capturing the unique culture and style of an insurance agency is the most important place to start when it comes to website design and digital marketing. How can you make an insurance company stand out and design a website that’s memorable and true to the business? It’s not easy to do, but the new website launched for Kollman Group has definitely raised the bar.

The new website has a clean, professional layout. You’ll see scrolling hero images along the top of the homepage. Professional fonts make it easy to read and consistent with the Kollman Group branding. The responsive design means that it will function properly on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Many of the services offered are described in detail right there on the website. There are logos and links to the Kollman Group’s partners. You can enter your email address to receive general insurance information from this company. All of these things together helps this new website to establish trust in the company and their authority within the insurance space.

Many design elements were added to create visual interest and balance. The keyword-dense copy was formatted for maximum SEO and traffic generation. The homepage design for Kollman Group and all of their landing pages are clean and direct, keyword optimized, and responsive to mobile devices. The call-to-action is clear on every page, and the user experience is much better than many of their direct competitors.

This website project was placed into the capable hands of DotCom Global Media, a web design and digital marketing company. DotCom Global Media has worked with a vast range of businesses over the past twenty years, from Fortune 100 companies to family-owner businesses and startup-level entrepreneurs.

Owner and senior web developer Sam Natello is joined by his wife Anna Natello in leading a team of website designers, content writers, and social media managers. Their office is located in the heart of Atlantic County, New Jersey, not far from the Kollman Group headquarters. Sam Natello has built hundreds of custom websites for clients at DotCom Global Media. His digital marketing team is currently working with dozens of clients to drive online traffic and increase engagement on a monthly basis.

An incredible amount of research was dedicated to the launch this new website. DotCom’s broad scale evaluation of website design across the state of New Jersey was a helpful resource in the planning stages. 

The NJ Website Design Study is ongoing, where they evaluate various business websites and publish their findings online. This in depth study makes it easy to learn from the best websites in a specific town, country, or industry. It also helps by identifying things to avoid or improve upon, as demonstrated by those listed as the worst websites. Grades are assigned in the areas of website design, features, content, and authority. Specific comments are published online for each website in the study, and full reports are available at the request of business owners. 

The Kollman Group website is a place to find information about the types of insurance plans that they provide, and learn the process for getting approved and filing claims. It’s easy to download the forms that you’ll need, familiarize yourself with details for each insurance plan, and find out how to prepare for a meeting or phone consultation. There is also an FAQ page dedicated to thoroughly answering general questions that you might have about different types of insurance policies. Over twenty customer testimonials are posted up on a page along with the length of time each customer has been working with the Kollman Group Insurance Company. This shows loyalty and security over a significant period of time. 

The decision makers at Kollman Group understand that website design and digital marketing is a critical part of the sales process, even for a company that doesn’t actually conduct business online. The vast majority of opportunities to close the deal will happen in person, at any given insurance company. The purpose of the website was clearly defined before the development and design began. Kollman Group’s website works to attract and qualify targeted leads, answer questions that people have up front, and move them through the sales process to the point of getting in contact with a person and receiving a customized quote. The ultimate call to action is to schedule a meeting with an insurance agent at the office in Linwood, New Jersey.

This website does a great job to show the unique personality of this business, attract targeted traffic using keyword optimization, provide valuable content to visitors, and walk the visitors through a process of getting information and submitting their contact information. Once the leads are qualified and a request has been made, the professional at Kollman Group can personally reach out to provide the next steps for someone seeking to purchase homeowners insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, or other financial services. Whether or not a visitor chooses to go down this road, they are certain to have a positive experience on this highly customized website. It’s memorable, helpful, and anything but generic!

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