Vancouver Suspends Postal Deliveries after Craw Attacks Mailman

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( — July 2, 2017) — The second largest city in Canada, Vancouver, is under unusual threat. The craw named Canuck has been terrorizing the neighborhood attacking letter carriers and steeling mail.

Postal deliveries have been suspended in a part of Vancouver and will not be resumed “until such time as the hazard no longer exists.” In Canada, however, it means that the issue has to be solved by politely approaching the bird.    

Media report that Canuck has attacked mailmen before, but in the last assault, the bird injured a letter carrier. Following the incident, regular mail deliveries were suspended to three homes.

Canuck the craw first drew media attention for riding the city’s SkyTrain and stealing shiny objects, including a knife from a crime scene. Until now, the “criminal” bird was just robbing, but never engaged in an aggressive exploit.

Canada Post spokeswoman Darcia Kmet told the BBC: “Unfortunately, our employees have been attacked and injured by a crow in that Vancouver neighborhood while attempting to deliver the mail.”

“We are monitoring the situation when delivering the mail to other residents on the street. If our employees believe it is safe to deliver to those three addresses, they do so,” Kmet said.

According to Shawn Bergman, Canuck’s Facebook group administrator, the bird had repeatedly attacked a Canada Post worker, causing broken skin and bleeding. He also wrote that it has been about two months since he and his neighbors received any mail.

Bergman has addressed Canadian Post complaining about halted mail deliveries. In reply, the postal service wrote: “We are safeguarding our employees by not delivering to areas where the crow has been known to attack until such time as the hazard no longer exists.”

In May 2016, Canuck the craw nicked from a crime scene a blade that had reportedly just been used to threaten police officers.

After policemen chased the craw, Canuck dropped the knife before flying away.

As craw assaults are not uncommon in Vancouver, there exists an online database mapping the birds’ attacks.