Divine Bounty Ashwagandha Supplement Becomes an Amazon Bestseller

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(Newswire.net — July 3, 2017) Orlando, FL — Recently, Divine Bounty introduced its latest product in the international market, which is its Organic Ashwagandha Root powder. Since it was launched, it has been gaining an overwhelming interest among consumers.

Divine Bounty Ashwagandha supplement is an Amazon bestseller. While there are many ashwagandha formulas available in the market, this supplement appears to be one of the favorites of consumers.

There are actually many factors that contribute to the popularity of this amazing formula. First, it is highly potent, which many customers are glad about. Having a high potency significantly influences the efficacy of this formula for delivering the therapeutic goodness of ashwagandha.

It has a high potency of 1200mg of organic ashwagandha root powder, which makes it superior over other brands.  There are many other ashwagandha formulas available, and they have inferior potency.

In addition to its increased potency, it is also worth mentioning that this amazing formula is equipped with a bioavailability-enhancing ingredient called black pepper extract. It has long been known that black pepper promotes maximum absorption. By being in this formula, it helps increase the delivery of ashwagandha inside the body.

Further, this formula is pure and free from unwanted, nasty ingredients like fillers, binders, additives, preservatives, and GMOs. These are the very ingredients that many customers do not want to ingest.

These substances also do not offer any health benefits. Additives, for instance, are only used for manufacturing purposes and have zero nutritional values. Being free from these unwanted ingredients make the Divine Bounty Ashwagandha formula one of the purest in the market.

This formula is carefully crafted according to strict GMP guidelines in an FDA-approved facility in the United States. It is also made without the involvement of dangerous manufacturing processes.

Divine Bounty is committed to ensuring that consumers are able to get the best value of their hard-earned dollars. Thus, it offers every bottle with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee, which makes it a risk-free purchase.

The company understands that consumers are almost always exposed to unreliable and useless supplements. It wants to demonstrate its confidence in this Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder by offering a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Through this money back guarantee, consumers are provided with an opportunity to get a refund in case they feel unhappy with their purchase.

These are the main features of Divine Bounty Ashwagandha Formula that make it extremely popular in the market. It has become a best seller on Amazon and this means that many customers are gaining the benefits offered by this formula.


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Divine Bounty is a family-owned brand that manufactures high-quality turmeric curcumin supplements. Passionate about the potential health benefits of turmeric, the team behind Divine Bounty have carefully researched and sourced only the best ingredients to create the ideal blend of turmeric curcumin. More details are available at http://www.DivineBounty.com.

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