Research Supports Fish Oil’s Therapeutic Abilities to Fight Dry Eye

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( — July 14, 2017) Orlando, FL — The use of natural supplements has been popular over the years. This popularity has grown rapidly since the beginning of the widespread scare of the side effects caused by some medications. Fish oil supplements are among the widely used natural alternatives, and they are thought to offer a range of health benefits.

 A growing body of research supports fish oil’s therapeutic abilities to fight dry eye. Dry eye is an uncomfortable condition that places sufferers in a situation were producing tears becomes challenging. Dry eye sufferers often produce fewer tears than those who do not have the condition.

Dr. Penny Asbell is the leader of a large trial that aims at investigating the therapeutic effects of the supplement. Dr. Asbell is a professor of ophthalmology at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

According to Dr. Asbell, there were previous studies about the use of omega-3 fats supplement for dry eye. However, they have either been inconclusive or small. She runs a study called the Dream trial, for Dry Eye Assessment and Management.

This study involved 600 people, but more participants are being recruited across the United States. While the study is currently ongoing, there are doctors who feel comfortable recommending fish oil supplements for dry eyes. This recommendation is widely influenced by the current research conducted for the supplement.

Dr. Stephanie Marioneaux believes that omega-3 fatty acids are useful in fighting inflammation. Dry eye is thought to be aggravated by inflammation of the eye surface or eyelids. She believes it would make sense to use the supplement. Dr. Marioneaux is an ophthalmologist and a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Opthalmology.

While dry eye cannot be treated, experts believe that fighting the inflammation can potentially help improve some of the symptoms.

There are food sources of omega-3 fatty acids such as cod, sardines, tuna, salmon, halibut, and herring. Individuals who want to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of these fats may also resort to supplementation, especially if they neither have the interest nor time to consume omega-3s through food.

In addition to potentially fighting inflammation associated with dry eye, there are other health benefits associated with the use of fish oil supplements. Omega-3s have become extremely popular over the years due to their ability to fight cardiovascular ailments.

Many of the highly recommended fish oil supplement manufacturers use a molecular distillation process that reduces or removes environmental pollutants from fish oil. This process makes the supplement safer than consuming fish, especially for the purpose of obtaining omega-3 fatty acids.

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