Exacta Bets Growing in Popularity in the Betting World

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(Newswire.net — July 11, 2017) — It is always thrilling to watch horse races, seeing thoroughbreds slug it out in the battle of the swiftest. And there always is the no small matter of a payday, or lack of, hanging on the outcome of the races. In fact, racing horses carry not just the hope of millions of people who want to see their favorite horses win but also the millions of dollars of bets placed on them. That probably explains the nervousness, excitement and adrenaline rush experienced by fans and bettors at various stages of the race.

Horse race betting is an integral aspect of horse racing that produces winners not just on the tracks but in the banks. As with every profitable endeavor, winning bets in horse racing requires shrewdness, and one way you can display shrewdness is by placing an Exacta bet. In fact, BetAmerica calls the Exacta bet in horse racing a great place to start learning about exotic bets.

What is an Exacta bet?

An Exact is a form or parimutual betting on a horse race.  It is simply the selecting of two horses to come first and second in the exact order (also called Perfecta or Exactor bet, culled from the words “Exact order”, in some races.) There’s also the Exacta box where you are allowed to pick two or more horses to finish first or second in any order. Bettors find the Exacta bet very appealing and it is not difficult to see why given the perk it has to strike the balance between keeping horse racing sporty and financially rewarding for bettors. Consider the perks.

One of the perks of an Exacta bet is the improved potential of a big return on betting. In most races, there is always that favorite horse tipped to win the race. Over betting usually occurs on such a horse, resulting in little value proposition for placing a win bet on such a horse. The payoff for a win bet is not so big.

Placing an Exacta bet, however, changes that. Combining a favorite with a long-shot for an Exacta bet could result in a big pay. Another upside for placing an Exacta bet is the reduced risk of loss it offers. As much as we love the adrenaline that comes with wearing our hearts on our sleeves during races, no one places a bet with the intention of losing.

That explains why many folks place a win bet on the favorite horse, and we know how that result in more of a psychological reward than financial if the favorite horse wins. Yes, IF. It’s horse racing, and there is no such thing as a guarantee. Anything can happen. For this reason, some bettors go gung-ho and place a bet on another horse.

While this definitely guarantees nail-biting excitement, the chances of a broken spirit at the end of the day are very high. The solution to this dilemma? An Exacta bet.  So rather than playing it safe by placing all your proverbial eggs on one favorite horse, or going all kamikaze style on your betting, spread then over two or more horses and box them. All that is then required for you to win is your two (of two of three, if you picked three) horses to come first and second. That way, you have reduced the risk of a forlorn face and a heavy heart while retaining the adrenaline rush.