Cervicocranial Syndrome Can Be Treated by a Chiropactor

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(Newswire.net — July 13, 2017) Darien, CONNECTICUT — If you are deluged with symptoms like dizziness, headaches, ringing in the ears, unexplained facial or ear pain, and possibly trouble swallowing you may have a medical condition known as Cervicocranial syndrome. This may sound like a new condition but it has been around for many years. Chiropractors have successfully treated Cervicaocranial syndrome by addressing subluxations, which are misaligned vertebra in the cranial vault and neck. The medical profession attributes Cervicocranial Syndrome to spondylosis which is degeneration of the discs in the neck. Are you confused? Well essentially we are talking about the same thing.

 Spondylosis is caused by subluxations. The subluxation left untreated will cause the discs between the vertebra to wear out faster due to the extra physical stress applied to the disc. By removing the physical stress the disc can function better. This is easily done with a chiropractic adjustment to the neck and occipital region. If the degeneration from the spondylosis is chronic, the disc may be permanently damaged but the patient can still still benefit from reduced and improved symptomatolgy. Unfortunately, the medical profession does not recognize the importance of treating the subluxation. Cervicocranial Syndrome is treatable.

 A respected psychiatrist recently told me how he was getting great results for his patients by sending them to see a chiropractor for Cervicocranial Syndrome. I was surprised by his enthusiasm. He was encouraged by results. He said that one his patients who had been diagnosed with early onset of dementia and overall brain fog saw dramatic results with chiropractic care. So why is it so hard for these learned M.D.’s to work with chiropractors? Another day another topic. For now if you have Craniocervical Syndrome, you may want to see a chiropractor.

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