Healthy Grilling Tips for Summer Satisfaction

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( — July 13, 2017) — Outdoor grilling is the best during the hottest time of the year. Firing up the grill is much better than firing up the stove. Grilling saves on energy consumption and cuts down on excess heat generated inside the home.

There is no use in slaving over a hot oven when the weather outside is more than conducive to a healthy, grilled dinner. Whether you are cooking for two or cooking for a family reunion, it is important to stay healthy.

Take a moment now to read through this short summary, highlighting some of the best tips for a healthy grill season and superlative summer satisfaction.

Always marinate the meat

Carcinogens are one of the main concerns when considering health and the grill. Red meat is known for its cancer-causing agents and its deadly role in heart disease, but it does not have to be so unhealthy.

Researchers have found that marinating meats in substances such as alcohol (the drinkable kind) oil, vinegar, and herbs cut down on carcinogen levels up to 80 percent. It is thought that the antioxidants in the marinade help to combat common grilling dangers.

Utilize the brilliance of a meat thermometer

Utilizing the capability of a meat thermometer could save you and your family a whole lot of hassle. Undercooked meat can cause a slew of sad symptoms, and overcooked meat contains more carcinogens. It pays to get the temperature just right within the meat.

Researching the proper methods for heating and preparing a grill is recommended. If it is a charcoal grill, make sure the coals are grey and ashy before placing any food on the racks. Gas grills are a bit different, so specialized information searches are necessary for proper lighting.

Grill more veggies

Meat is not the only food you can cook on the grill. Try cooking more fruits and vegetables. Veggies are naturally high in fiber and low in calories. Veggies are also somewhat resilient to the carcinogen threat that exists with meat.

Fresh vegetables do not contain the necessary amino acids to form the harmful HCAs present in grilled meats. However, overcooking vegetables can be just as detrimental to their healthy qualities as throwing them in the trashcan.

Maintain a clean grill

Sanitation is just as important in the backyard as it is in the kitchen. Foods should always be cooked on a clean and sanitary surface. Most people cover metal grates with foil, but it is still best to clean the grates before and after every use to avoid charred buildup.

When you leave the charred remains of last night’s barbecue, the residue slowly breaks down the metals in the grate. Repeated stagnation of cleanliness will greatly reduce the longevity of the grill and eventually affect the flavor of the food.

Beware of charred dogs and other burnt meats

Everyone loves the taste of a little char on their hot dog, but there are certain dangers that come along with that flavorful flaking. A little bit of char is okay, but do your best to avoid burning the crap out of the meat. Super well done may sound safe, but it only gives the grill more time to active cancer-causing agents in the meat.