ISIS Wives on Life in Caliphate: ‘No Religion, No Law’

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( — July 16, 2017) — After managing to escape from the Islamic State, some women have shared their horrific stories about violence, sex slavery and neglect for life in the so-called ‘caliphate.’

Khadija followed her husband from Tunisia to the Syrian town of Raqqa, where he joined ISIS. After three years of disappointment and horror, she managed to flee to Turkey and has shared her story, Russia Today reports.

“My husband and I made a huge mistake by coming there,” Khadija told RT, advising all not to believe that ISIS is an Islamic state that preaches the Koran and implements Sharia law.

“Everybody, who takes a stand against them, they behead. And people don’t know when this is going to happen,” Khadija said. “They are not on righteous path. This is the state of tyranny and Satan,” she added.

Khadija’s husband allegedly renounced ISIS and told her to do the same, which she did. The family managed to escape from Raqqa to the town of al-Mayadeen and then to Turkey. During three years in ‘caliphate,’ they witnessed all the horrors of women and children kept there.

“There was a lot of evil in the places where women live. Children were suffering from scabies, lice. When children were ill, they did not receive treatment at hospital,” Khadija said.

“That poor woman went to the garden, while bleeding heavily, stayed there till morning in a rainy and cold weather,” Khadija described one of the many appalling scenes. In the morning, the woman’s husband came and just passed by her body on the ground “as if [she] were a dog.”

Khadija further revealed that women were routinely denied maternity care and forced to deliver babies on the spot, often bleeding to death with no one to help them. “It was sickening to be there,” Khadija said.

It was not uncommon for militant fighters to have sex slaves in addition to their wives. However, there are cases when a man marries a sex slave and grants her certain “privileges.”

“You go to the city hall and get married. If you have been married and your husband got killed, you just got married to another man,” Khadija said, adding that being married is the only protection against Jihadi sex slavery.  

Young women are being captured and sold into sex slavery, even children aged between eight and ten. As a sex slave, a woman is considered to be the property of her owner, and he can sell her or give away as present. Owners can do with their sex slave whatever they please.

The slave trade is a booming market in IS, 20-year-old Nur Al-Khouda told RT. As they pay a lot of attention to women’s looks, they bought makeup to sell them for $15,000, while the virgins were priced at $30,000, according to Nur Al-Khouda.

Yazidi, the Kurdish woman in the region, are special commodity in the Islamic State, Nur Al-Khouda said. It is estimated that between 3,000 and 5,000 Yazidi women are kept by IS as sex slaves.