Studies Find That Magnesium May Be Beneficial for Digestion

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( — July 24, 2017) Orlando, FL — There are many nutrients that play a significant role in the maintenance and improvement of digestive health, and one may be magnesium. This mineral is often considered to be highly therapeutic, and individuals who are having digestive tract problems may want to consider increasing the levels of this mineral inside their body.

Studies find that magnesium may be beneficial for digestion. According to some experts, it aids in relaxing the muscles within the digestive tract, which include the intestinal wall. It is worth mentioning that the intestinal wall takes care of controlling one’s ability to have bowel movements.

Since this mineral is believed to aid in neutralizing stomach acid as well as moving stool through the intestines, taking magnesium supplements may be a useful method to help increase bowel movements.

The researchers from the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo conducted a study. They studied the effects of this mineral in the diet of 3,800 female participants. They found that a low intake of magnesium was linked with significant increases in the prevalence of constipation.

Another study, which involved elderly participants with constipation, revealed that magnesium supplementation was more effective than bulk-laxatives in decreasing constipation.

There are many magnesium supplements available in the market for consumers to choose from. Taking magnesium supplements may potentially help fight deficiency, and make sure that the body has adequate levels of this mineral.

While magnesium supplements are generally thought to be helpful, not all of the products available in the market are beneficial. Experts recommend that consumers make a wise buying decision in purchasing a magnesium supplement, and this means looking for one that is safe, pure, potent, and effective.

Divine Bounty’s magnesium citrate is an example of a formula that can provide consumers with what they should be looking for in a product. It is highly potent as it comes with 1,300 mg per serving, which delivers 208 mg of elemental magnesium.

This amazing formula even comes with 120 capsules per bottle. This is a way for Divine Bounty to demonstrate its dedication in providing health-enhancing products that are worth every penny. Consumers do not have to re-order and spend a fortune just to continue experiencing the potential effects of magnesium.

One of the most impressive aspects of Divine Bounty’s magnesium citrate is that it contains citric acid. This ingredient is believed to enhance magnesium absorption, which may be beneficial in taking the best advantage of the mineral’s health effects.

It doesn’t contain unwanted ingredients such as GMOs and additives, and is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the United States.


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