Model Grace Camenker Sets off to Become an Entrepreneur

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( — July 21, 2017) Tempe, Arizona — For a passionate young woman with her entire life ahead of her, the world is a minefield of opportunities. Grace Camenker, a model, athlete and college student, recognizes this fact and is set on pursuing her dream in a field she excels best: entrepreneurship.

Grace is currently an Entrepreneurship major at the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at Arizona State University. “I am an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to become a well-versed scholar,” Grace says, underscoring that she is also pursuing an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at ASU for an even more extensive and integrative learning experience and to consequently broaden her career opportunities.

With a genuine interest in entrepreneurship, Grace believes ASU is the right place to harness her entrepreneurial skills and uncover the possibility of putting up her own business in the future. The university is known for its wide-range entrepreneurial programs in partnership with private and non-private organizations. ASU also seeks to involve the off-campus community that believes in student-driven business ventures, which Grace actively takes part in.

Grace’s solid educational background at ASU gives her the confidence and the ability to explore to greater heights, career-wise. Notably, the university promotes creative enterprising and cultural leadership in its entrepreneurial programs, which focus on the arts and designs world. ASU is just as supportive to student entrepreneurial ideas that have to do with technology, such as breakthrough programs and apps. The university also takes pride in student ventures that promote strong advocacies for humanity and integrate charitable projects.

Moreover, Grace’s undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at ASU develops her aptitude for becoming an expert in various disciplines and fields. When paired up with her Entrepreneurship major, her multidisciplinary field of study enables her to possibly expand those entrepreneurial goals and pave the way for even broader career opportunities.

While climbing her way up to the top of the entrepreneurship ladder, Grace has also been showing her inclination toward athletics, a skill she has successfully demonstrated during her high school years as a track-and-field athlete.

As a college student pursuing two-degree programs simultaneously at ASU, Grace maintains a full schedule. Even so, she is able to juggle her university work and modeling gigs on the side. She is listed in the modeling agency Pilier and has modeled for Hollister Co.

About Grace Camenker

Grace Camenker is currently a student at the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts in Arizona State University. An aspiring entrepreneur and businesswoman who aims to change the world for the better with her future entrepreneurial ventures, she is majoring in Entrepreneurship. Grace juggles her student duties and modeling for top brand Hollister under the modeling agency Pilier. In her younger years, Grace was an active track and field athlete.

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