How Your Business Can Benefit From a Mobile App

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( — July 21, 2017) — July 21, 2017) – The mobile app marketplace has seen significant growth in the past few years and it’s not just the biggest businesses making use of this effective marketing and sales strategy. This technological trend has seen more and more smaller and medium sized businesses utilizing mobile technology, like this mobile ordering app, so their business stays ahead of the game.

Research has shown that the average person uses their phone for 2.42 hours a day and visits a variety of mobile applications to help them search, shop and communicate better. So who wouldn’t want to be in front of this audience? Dependent on your business size you may not have resources to develop in-house applications but there a variety of mobile app developers that can help you create a dedicated platform to enable your business to engage directly with customers. 

There are many ways in which your business can benefit from a mobile app, so take a look at why you should consider building your own mobile platform to support your brand.

Build brand recognition

One of the most beneficial things a mobile app can do is help you create brand awareness. If implemented effectively, this pathway will help you get your loyal customers involved in a new way to shop and help to create new customers with a fun, easy to use platform that is well-branded and informative.

Increase visibility to customers

With the increase of people using mobile devices for everything from shopping to searching for a place to meet friends, getting in front of this growing audience has never been so important. Having a mobile presence makes sure you are able to reach people in a new and diverse way. With a mobile app you’re opening yourself up, not just to people sitting behind their desk doing their online shopping, you’re also putting yourself in the hands of people waiting for the bus or browsing on the commute home. These opportunities are priceless and can help you achieve a new sales funnel.

Market to people directly

Mobile apps can provide you with a wealth of information about the people using it. For example, it’ll be able to tell you demographics and locations of your customers, and most of all how they browse and shop. This in turn can help you direct specific offers and marketing promotions to individuals dependent on their shopping habits. Marketing more efficiently also helps your business monitor costs more effectively and evaluate its return.

Increase customer engagement

Giving your customers another avenue to communicate with you is great for retaining existing customers and reaching out to new ones. With a well-developed mobile app, your customers will be able to do a range of things directly from their mobile device such as track orders, ask questions and leave reviews. In today’s ‘want now, buy now’ society, long and complicated shopping cart procedures can often mean you lose customers. So an app can help you speed up this process and retain those important sales.

Get social

As we’ve seen, social platforms are some of the most successful mobile applications in the marketplace, so why not tap into this lucrative avenue and make your app more sociable. For many, using social media is just about seeing what others are doing, so incorporating this into your marketing strategy could give you another pathway to customer retention. With simple integrations such as in-app messaging, comments and likes, it gives your customers a one-stop shop and enhanced user experience.

Provide more value to your customers

A great way to build customer retention and get people talking about you is to offer your customers a reason to come back. A way to do this is by creating a loyalty scheme with your app. As people shop with you, they can build up points or have access to specific offers only available to app subscribers. This type of marketing also offers you insight to how people shop and gives them a reason to return over and over again.  

Make your business stand out

Creating a mobile app for your business offers your products and services at the click of a button. A well-developed app can make your business stand out above your competitors as great apps are still in their infancy in the market. It’s never been a better time to grab the opportunity to make your brand and business stand out in the crowd and take a commanding role above the competition. With a fast and easy app, your customers will keep coming back and share their experiences to help organically grow your audience.