Unique Divine Bounty D-Mannose Catches Global Consumer Attention

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(Newswire.net — July 24, 2017) Orlando, FL — More and more people are considering the use of D-Mannose over antibiotics in the treatment of urinary tract infections. While there are many D-Mannose formulas available in the market, only a few have what it takes to efficiently deliver the therapeutic benefits of the natural remedy.

Unique Divine Bounty D-Mannose catches global consumer attention. There are many factors that significantly contribute to the worldwide popularity of this formula. It is highly potent, pure, safe, and effective to use, and these are some of the things that many consumers look for in a D-Mannose formula.

There have been studies that support the therapeutic benefits of D-Mannose, and one involves over 300 women that had history of recurrent UTIs. In this particular study, the participants were divided into three groups, and one received two grams of D-Mannose. Another group was treated with 50 milligrams of antibiotics, and the other received no treatment at all for six months.

It was found that the D-Mannose group had the most impressive improvement. It only had a 15 percent rate of recurrent UTIs compared to the antibiotic group, which had 20 percent. The no-treatment group had the highest rate of recurrent UTIs.

The researchers further revealed that there were reduced side effects in the D-Mannose group. Divine Bounty D-Mannose capsules offer 600mg of D-Mannose powder per capsule. What makes it even more intriguing is that it contains cranberry and dandelion extract for added UTI support.

In addition to this high potency, it is worth mentioning that this carefully-crafted formula is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility in the United States. It doesn’t contain ingredients that are widely avoided by consumers from around the globe.

Some of these unwanted, nasty ingredients are GMOs, fillers, binders, preservatives, gluten, wheat, and additives. It simply contains the purest and highest quality of D-Mannose powder with the added therapeutic ingredients. Through these amazing features, it is hard to deny that this extra-strength formula is superior over other brands.

This formula could be an excellent option for preventive urinary tract health purposes. It is safe, and has abundant levels of D-Mannose. It is worth mentioning that Divine Bounty is committed in ensuring that they provide the highest quality and most helpful health-enhancing products. It is also dedicated in providing exceptional customer service.

To demonstrate its commitment, it provides every bottle with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Through this offer, consumers are given the opportunity to get their money back in case they feel unsatisfied with the results.


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