Jersey Shore Biz Adopts Strategic Plan for Online Sales

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( — July 27, 2017) Mays Landing, NJ — Of all the upcoming new website launches, here is one that deserves some attention. Especially for a Margate-based seasonal business like Jamaican Me Crazy, the website redesign and ecommerce functionality is a necessary upgrade. This new website is under development. It will be launched this fall, just in time to get the ball rolling through the offseason. Once it goes live and search engines begin to crawl the pages, traffic numbers will drastically increase. This website will be a terrific example of how a beautiful design and solid back-end development can open new sales channels for a hyper-localized business, especially in a tourism-driven area like the Jersey Shore.

The new Jamaican Me Crazy website will serve as a fully functioning online store. Besides detailed product listings, a secure sockets layer (SSL) and credit card processing, there will be a ton of keyword optimized written content and website verification steps taken to help make this website visible and effective as a sales tool. There is a basic landing page serving as a placeholder until the new ecommerce website is ready to launch.

A ton of original content is in the works for the web pages. Keyword-dense copy should be formatted for maximum SEO and traffic generation. Educational resources and interesting product details will provide value to visitors. Many design elements will be added or improved upon to create visual interest and balance. Beyond design and functionality, this website will be poised to sell merchandise year round. Every section of the new site will have a well-defined call to action to move visitors through the website and encourage them to take the next steps. High quality photos taken by a professional photographer will be displayed on the new site to effectively make a human connection and showcase the store and products.

Revamping the old website to refresh and modernize Jamaican Me Crazy’s online presence was a smart and strategic move in and of itself. This new website will perform far better in terms of traffic and lead conversion, an most importantly it will allow this business to grow past their current geographical barriers.  

Jamaican Me Crazy is a seasonal gift shop in Margate, New Jersey. This small business is a hyper-localized brand, and locals might call it a “shoobie shop” because they sell a lot of souvenir-worthy products. This store is full of cool beach toys and swimsuits, caps embroidered with “Margate NJ,” and Long Port Beach Patrol tee shirts. Jamaican Me Crazy also sells fashionable beach gear like printed dresses, canvas totes and sandals, drawing locals and tourists each year to shop for a summer wardrobe.

In Margate, there is a brief but intense 10-to-12-week window for seasonal sales before the summer ends and the island quiets down for winter. Any leftover inventory is discounted dramatically, which eliminates profit margins. The dead season completely kills the cash flow and it’s tough for local shop owners to sustain businesses during the offseason.

This is the hard reality of doing business at the Jersey Shore, but there is a better way that allows localized businesses to thrive during the offseason. When you bring the Internet and digital marketing into the picture, doing business in tourism-driven areas like the Jersey Shore starts to look much more promising!

The website company responsible for the new website is DotCom Global Media. DotCom is headquarted in Mays Landing, just a fifteen-minute drive from the beach towns along the shore. DotCom has helped many Jersey Shore-area clients. Their portfolio includes website and marketing work for clients such as The Windrift in Avalon, Spray Beach Hotel and Mariner Inn of LBI, Hula Restaurant in Ocean City, and many of the shops in Cape May.

DotCom is helping Jamaican Me Crazy to have less downtime and to increase their annual sales. Their strategic approach takes a niche, localized brand to a greater share of the market using the power of digital marketing and web design. This approach incorporates a smart digital marketing strategy along with a fresh website that ranks well in design, features, content, and authority. Redesigning the website is a major part, followed by things like reputation management, local search directory listings, social targeting, lead capture, and relationship building.

Owner and senior web developer Sam Natello is joined by his wife Anna Natello in leading a team of website designers, content writers, and social media managers. Sam Natello has built over 600 custom websites for clients at DotCom Global Media, and his digital marketing team is currently working with over 100 clients to drive online traffic and increase engagement on a monthly basis.

New Jersey business is a soft spot for the DotCom team. DotCom Global Media serves clients all over the country, but they are especially interested in the role that they serve locally.

Last October, they launched a massive NJ Website Study, going town by town to evaluate, rank, and grade business websites. This resource is extremely valuable to business owners in the state, and also helpful as a reference for other website designers. Every week, DotCom publishes their findings on a new town or county in the state of New Jersey and shares their comprehensive knowledge freely.

“It’s amazing to see a local business really take off,” Sam Natello said, referring to the other Jersey Shore businesses that he has worked with. “We have skin in the game in South Jersey. We own a home here, we run a business here, our kids go to school here… There is nobody out there who cares about New Jersey’s economy and small business more than we do. I just want to see the work that we do paying off for our local clients.” 

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