Silymarin May Be the Key to Milk Thistle’s Health Potentials

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( — August 4, 2017) Orlando, FL — Milk thistle is believed to be highly therapeutic. Just like other natural alternatives, it has powerful components that are believed to be responsible for its therapeutic effects.

Silymarin may be the key to milk thistle’s health potentials. The seeds of milk thistle have silymarin, which is a bioflavonoid complex. According to experts, silymarin is the active ingredient of milk thistle and is made up of three main flavonoids, namely silybin, silydianin, and silychristin.

According to some clinical studies, silymarin is the most biologically active as well as the most beneficial constituent of milk thistle extract.

Researchers conducted double-blind studies to determine the effects of milk thistle on chronic liver disease, toxic liver damage, and conditions caused by certain drugs. It was found that this potentially beneficial plant product may stabilize the cell membrane.

It may also stimulate protein synthesis and accelerate the regeneration process in the damaged liver tissue at the same time. Some studies also reveal that milk thistle has an ability to protect liver cells. It is believed to do so by blocking the entrance of harmful toxins and removing them from the liver cells.

It is worth mentioning that milk thistle is considered to contain powerful antioxidants, which may help maintain energy and health. It does so by potentially offering protection to the body against damage that lipid peroxidation and free radicals may cause. Both could actually injure healthy tissues and cells.

Taking supplements such as the Divine Bounty milk thistle seed extract is considered to be one of the best ways to experience the possible health benefits of this natural ingredient. There are many things that popularize this extra strength formula, and one is its potency.

It is believed that this supplement is one of the most potent sources of milk thistle as it delivers 1200 mg of milk thistle extract in just one capsule. This delivers 4:1 potency, which makes it superior over other brands that only provide 350 to 1000 mg per capsule.

This product is not only highly regarded for its potency, but also for its purity. Every capsule is free from unwanted ingredients such as GMOs, silicone dioxide, stearates, preservatives, additives, and fillers. It is also ideal for vegetarians and vegans as it doesn’t contain gluten and soy.

For every bottle, Divine Bounty offers consumers 120 capsules, which make it one of the best value milk thistle supplements in the international market. This may be an excellent formula to use for individuals who want to experience the potential health benefits associated with the use of milk thistle.

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