UK Survey Reveals Art Therapy May Be Helpful to Cancer Patients

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( — August 7, 2017) Wilmington, DELAWARE — Art therapy is often resorted to by individuals who are dealing with stress, pressure, or challenges in life. It may also be an excellent activity for individuals who suffer from life-changing ailments.

A UK survey reveals that art therapy may be helpful to cancer patients. Cancer currently remains incurable. This fatal condition may not just cause financial and health burdens, but also reduce the quality of life of sufferers.

A survey was published in 2013 that reported that 92% of adult sufferers of cancer who engaged in art therapy found it helpful. They agreed that art therapy has helped them cope with the effects of cancer, while improving their communication skills, and helping them express their feelings.

Art therapy has also been found to be helpful with the ability of patients to have new perspectives on life. Through art, they were distracted from their worries.

Individuals who suffer from cancer may have difficulties communicating the negative ideas and feelings that they tend to bury inside.

Since there hasn’t been any cure yet for the condition, it doesn’t come as a surprise that cancer sufferers succumb to despair. Hope is often found in the idea that a certain ailment may be healed. However, in cases of cancer, healing is bleak.

There are many cancer patients who are having difficulties understanding why such a condition is happening to them. There are those who find comfort in keeping all their worries and pains hidden, which is in reality quite harmful to them deep down inside.

Art therapy allows cancer patients to communicate and express their emotions without talking or being touched. It is important to understand that expressing negative thoughts and feelings may make a positive difference to a sufferer’s life.

Art therapists often work by understanding the unique needs, problems, and expectations of patients. Based on the facts they collected, they are then able to design an art therapy plan suitable for the specific needs of a patient. This plan often includes the frequency of sessions as well as their length and purpose.

There are individual or group sessions, and each session usually lasts for 60 minutes. One of the best things about art therapy is that cancer patients do not have to struggle to reach a certain level of art experience or skill.

The therapist won’t necessarily teach patients how to draw or paint. In art therapy, enthusiasts are not required to create a work of art or masterpiece. The whole point of the therapy is to engage an enthusiast with the process of healing that art may offer.

There are many potential benefits linked with art therapy. Cancer patients may be able to develop self-confidence, explore their feelings, and let go of the burdens they try to bury inside.

According to some researchers, art therapy has the potential to provide some improvements in depression, tiredness, distress, and general health. In some studies, art therapy has helped individuals with the emotional and physical effects of having a fatal condition, such as cancer.

According to an American study, art therapy has helped cancer patients achieve an improvement with certain symptoms, such as pain, anxiety, and tiredness.

In the group therapy known as Mindfulness Based Art Therapy (MBAT), it was found that this therapy helped individuals with cancer to control their symptoms. They were also motivated to improve their overall quality of life.

As mentioned, cancer patients do not have to possess art skills or experiences. They only need to have the simple art materials that are useful for drawing, painting, or coloring.

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