5 Simple Tips to Stay Safe This Summer

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(Newswire.net — July 31, 2017) — Just a few weeks of summer are left, but these last weeks are often the hottest and sunniest, so taking care to protect against the elements and any accidents is vital. 

The long, hot, and sunny days of summer invite everyone to spend hours outside, enjoying a myriad of outdoor activities, and simply basking in the beautiful weather. People tend to spend even more time outdoors in August, as pool closures and cooler weather loom ahead, soaking in the last of these long summer days. However, beautiful weather also comes with its dangers, for which one must prepare. Use this list of five easy tips to keep the family safe this summer:

1. Be Prepared – Don’t head out without first preparing for the day. An extra five minutes of preparation is not much time, and you will thank yourself later for remembering to pack the first aid kit, the sunscreen, and water. Depending on your planned activities, your needs may change, but those three items are integral no matter what you are doing.

2. Apply Sunscreen – Lather up in a high SPF and reapply often throughout the day, including every time you take a dip as sunscreen washes right off in water. A good rule of thumb? Use the Sun Protection Factor as a guideline for how many minutes to leave in between applications. SPF 8 means you need to reapply every 8 minutes, so go for SPF 50 or above. We promise you will still get a suntan!

3. Hydrate – Exposure to the sun and high temperatures makes the body lose more water than normal. The best way to stay hydrated while being active outdoors? Drink plenty of fluids, particularly water. If you’re at the pool or playground, bring along a cooler of water, but if you’re out hiking, a hydration pack makes the most sense. 

4. Learn to Swim – People tend to gravitate towards water in the summer, whether it’s spending a day at the pool, taking a vacation to the beach, or going for a boat ride. This increased time around water can easily lead to accidents, the scariest and most common of which is drowning. The best way to prevent drowning? Learn to swim. Send your children to swimming classes from a young age (infants can learn to swim!). A lot of adults are not strong swimmers, so a refresher course in swimming for yourself is a good idea too. 

5. Use Bug Spray – While we tend to be most afraid of large predators (sharks! bears!), it’s the smallest ones which wreak the most havoc on humans, such as mosquitos. A bug bite is annoying, particularly if one has an allergy, so use bug spray to protect yourself. With the spike in mosquito transmitted diseases, such as West Nile and Zika, protecting against mosquito bites is more important than ever.

Summer is a wonderful season, with so much opportunity to get outdoors, be active and enjoy life to the fullest. Taking these five simple precautions will ensure you and your family have a fun and safe summer!