The Best Possible Ways of Getting to Google Top

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( — July 31, 2017) — In a rapidly changing world, SEO strategies must also change because you may not notice new rules or factors used by Google to rank websites. In order to stay on top of the game, you must take note of the following strategies;

#1: Make critical improvement in your engagement, if you want to get to the top

Engagement on your website can be described as your ability to maintain and arrest the attention of your web visitors. Google attach greater importance to the amount of time a reader or visitor spends on a web page, and this is the reason why the search engines ranks websites with more user retention than other sites. Google’s rationale for using users’ retention is that a user will spend more time on a page when he or she finds it very useful. You can improve user engagement on your web pages in five main ways;

–       Format your web pages for easier reading, especially with some shorter paragraphs, shorter sentences, as well as minor headings and points.

–       Break up each idea into several sentences or phrases.

–       Make use of the appropriate images, but don’t use them too much across your web pages.

–       Write in a special structure. Start contents with your most attention grabbing information, then follow this with key or important details, and end with general information or background.

–       Make sure your bounce rate is lowered. The bounce rate is the number of people who visited your site but left without taking further steps. Poorly designed web pages for instance may force visitors to leave your sites hurriedly.

#2: Optimize your web contents through Google analytics

Google Optimize from Google analytics assist users to increase customer engagement, as well as conversion. This is a user-friendly program that comes as a free or paid (advance versions). Advance modeling and A/B testing are some of the features you can find here, and these tools test the speed, user variations, aesthetics and other components of your site that can attract users.

#3: Add more valuable content to your existing web pages

According to a recent report, the longer the content of a page is, the higher the chances of it getting ranked higher on SERPs. Creating 2500 word contents is not suitable for everyone, however, it is much easier and far better to extend the number of words on a web page from 500 to 700 or from 1,100 to 1800 words. Rather than generating and writing your contents from the scratch, why not search for contents that are already performing well on Google and extend them. You can learn more about this strategy, when you click on this link; 

#4: Do not forget to make use of YouTube SEO

Most web owners often ignore the fact that YouTube SEO plays a critical role in driving traffic and increasing Google search engine ranking. Researches has shown that 54% of keyword searches on Google return a minimum of a video and more than 75% of video search results are from YouTube. With over 3 billion video searches every month, YouTube remains the second largest search engine and it is even bigger than the combination of Bing and Yahoo.

Focusing your content search with YouTube links will help you leverage on the visual powers of YouTube. This means people can search texts and videos directly from Google and your website will keep popping up in search engines. Other strategies you should consider, in order to get to the top of Google include the use of web browser caching – for temporary storage of web data such as HTML, for the purpose of reducing the bandwidth consumption of your site. For more information on this, simply click on the following link;