Experts Reveal Link Between Candida and Magnesium Deficiency

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( — August 11, 2017) Orlando, FL — Magnesium is a mineral that plays an essential role in the maintenance of human health. However, its importance is often overlooked or taken for granted. Today, there are many people who are magnesium deficient, which could potentially result in various health complications.

Experts reveal the possible link between candida and magnesium deficiency. Magnesium may be able to help increase bone strength and energy levels. It is even thought to improve mood and offer other health benefits.

Unfortunately, many people do not get sufficient amounts of magnesium from their diet. When magnesium deficiency becomes chronic, it could potentially lead to a number of conditions. It is even believed to worsen candida symptoms.

According to research, 75% of the population get less magnesium than the body needs. This mineral is vital in over 300 essential biochemical reactions in the body. It is believed to take part in the production of energy, maintenance of a healthy nervous system, and regulation of blood sugar.

Magnesium is also thought to eliminate the toxic byproducts of candida. Magnesium is required in breaking down the toxic metabolites of candida albicans. Without sufficient magnesium levels, the body fails to eliminate these substances from the body.

Some of the byproducts of candida albicans are ammonia, uric acid, and ethanol. The most important is a neurotoxin called acetaldehyde, which affects the nervous system, brain, and other internal organs. It can also cause damage to the red blood cells as well as decrease the blood’s ability to supply or carry oxygen around the body.

When the body is unable to process and eliminate it effectively, it can affect a variety of systems and cause symptoms. Alcohol drinking is one of the factors that cause the production of acetaldehyde.

It is also important to remember that candida can also prevent the body from getting sufficient levels of magnesium. It prevents the body from having the amount of magnesium needed to combat its effects and symptoms.

Today, there are many people who increase their intake of magnesium through food. Magnesium can be obtained in various ways such as supplementation. There are also magnesium oil sprays, whose popularity has been increasing in the market today.

There are many potential benefits of using this magnesium oil spray, and one is that its attributes can be delivered via the skin. According to experts, 60% of what is applied on the skin can be easily absorbed by the body.

Thus, when this spray is used, consumers may be able to take advantage of magnesium’s potential effects.



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