Ghosts, Spirits, Haunting Your Home?

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( — August 4, 2017) Whitman , MA — What is that rattling in the attic?  Why is there an uncomfortable feeling in the back bedroom or a colder temperature in a certain part of your home you can’t explain?  Was that a dark shadow you saw out of the corner of your eye?

Every home and apartment comes with the energetic ‘footprint’ of the previous tenants as far back as the property existed which often times is unsettled.  Home owners and real estate agents are often perplexed and uncertain of who to turn to.  People who pass on the property may linger in between the world of the living and the dead.

Long time Whitman, Massachusetts resident, Rosemarie Lanchester, CCH, CLYL, has expanded her Energy ‘Clearing’ services to give families a fresh start and peace of mind in their new home.  Lanchester performs these Clearings remotely and need not be actually present at the location and has helped home owners throughout the U.S. as far out west as California and even Europe! 

Sometimes the presence is a friendly spirit, but sometimes it is something darker that affects your children, pets or spouse.  This energy causes long term problems and can ruin your family relationships.

Lanchester utilizes an actual science called ‘Kinesiology’ to identify what and where negative energy is in the home, or the surrounding land.

Feelings associated with negative attachments include:  fatigue, anger, rage, lethargy, anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, depression, loneliness, apprehension, fear, despair, sadness, voices, and paranoia as well as physical manifestations, such as loud banging, whispers, unexplained footsteps, etc.

Many of us sense energy in some way without knowing why or how this affects our mood.  Energy is also held in furniture, especially antiques and other objects.  We may feel uncomfortable in certain places or just being with certain people our moods can change from happy to uneasy or sad.  Once we understand that we are, indeed, very receptive to energy in all its forms, and how it affects us, we can appreciate how immediate our mood is lifted once we and the space or person we wish to help has been ‘Cleared’.

Many people who work within an environment of health care, such as hospitals, nursing homes, or prisons, as well as those who have fought in wartime, police, EMTs and other first responders are susceptible to pick up spirit attachments or other energy that linger on the earth plane.  Lower energy vibrations can attach to our fields without our awareness.

Commercial property also holds energy and can cause business failure.  Emotions of fear and anger from the former occupants linger until ‘Cleared’.  We have all noticed properties that remain vacant for months or always seem to have a new business every year when the lease renews.  Negative energy that remains in the space is the reason.

Marsha Sheiness of NY, NY noted post-Clearing, “I have felt a huge energy shift in the apartment, in me and my roommate.  I feel lighter and the energy in the living space feels lighter.  We have started communicating better and find that we are laughing and enjoying each other’s company more than we have in years!  Prior to the Clearing, one of our cats attacked the other on a continuous basis.  Since the Clearing (even after two months) this behavior totally ceased!!”

All Lanchester needs is a description of the property or home and the address.  She then tunes in psychically with a process she has honed and fine-tuned.  In some cases she is hired to check in periodically to clear people on a consistent basis.

Results are dramatic, immediate and guaranteed.  If the home/property or space does not ‘feel’ lighter and safer within a 3 day period, monies will be promptly refunded.  Prices start from $250 up depending on the type of energy and the amount present. 

Lanchester is the Owner of ‘Everything You Wish For’, and established her business in 2009.  In addition to an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and listed in the Tapping Solution dot com’s website, she has numerous alternative health credentials including Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Level 111 Dowser, Level 11 Reiki Practitioner, Level 111 Yuen Practitioner, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Negative Energy Clearing Specialist, member of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) since 1996.

She is a Stress and Pain Relief Specialist, Speaker and Transformational Coach.  Rosemarie is featured on the cover of a National Women’s Business Magazine called ‘Women of Distinction’ 2016/2017, a member of the International Who’s Who, and The Top 100 Registry of Sales, Business and Wellness Professionals, as well as a member and staunch supporter of the South Shore Women’s Business Network since 1996.

Lanchester’s mission is to empower, enhance quality of life, and help men and women recognize their innate ability to create the life they wish to live with more joy and peace of mind.  She was born and bred in Massachusetts and resides in Whitman.  In her free time she enjoys, floral work, cooking, photography, live theater, and making people laugh.  Lanchester has two smart, successful children who both live in California.

Lanchester is available for a complimentary personal assessment as well as paid public speaking engagements.  For more information about Clearings and other techniques, call her office at 781-447-7782.  Email at,

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