Survival Company Plans Huge Launch For New Product

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( — August 11, 2017) Woodbridge, Virginia —  Surviveware, a top producer of outdoor and survival gear, has just announced the launch of their brand new product, 7 ½ inch trauma shears and is offering an additional 50% discount for the next three days.



Trauma shears are a type of scissor used to cut clothing from injured people. They are designed for external use only, consisting of a plastic handle and a metal blade, which is bent at a 150-degree angle, with a blunt end. The blunt end allows the shears to move safely across a person’s skin while cutting off the restricting fabric, whether clothing or a seatbelt. Trauma shears are strong enough to cut through denim, leather, and even pennies. Trauma shears were originally created for use by paramedics, police officers, firefighters, trauma nurses and doctors, and other medical personnel. Due to their rugged strength and the relative safety offered by the blunt end, trauma shears are being used more and more frequently by outdoorsmen, such as fishermen, scuba divers, mountaineers, and hunters, instead of knives.

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“Adding trauma shears to our line was a natural progression and for the next three days we are giving early birds the chance to basically get the product for free,” said Amanda Condry, lead designer at Surviveware. “On our team, we have scuba divers, campers, hunters, fishers, boaters, archers, spear fishers, kite surfers, and more, so we get input from adventurers all across the spectrum on what is most desired in their specific kits. Trauma shears are great because they are a safe alternative to knives and can be used in a myriad of situations. We are so pleased with the strength and durability of our shears.”


The Surviveware shears are made of 7 1/2 inch stainless steel blades, which are coated with a black fluoride non-stick surface. These shears are ideal for use at home or while on the road hiking or backpacking. They are also tough and handy shears for the workshop. They also make a great addition to your first aid kit or trauma bag.


After only a few days on the market, Surviveware’s trauma shears are already receiving high praise from early customers’ reviews, such as this: “Finding the right trauma scissors is not as easy as it looks. But these do the trick for me! They are strong, sturdy and of good quality. I added these trauma scissors to my first aid kit which I strap to my backpack with the MOLLE compatible straps and snaps. I love spending time on the trails and in the woods and when I’m alone on the track, I need the right equipment to get the job done. They are big, but not too big for the kit. “

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Surviveware produces a wide range survival equipment. Surviveware’s first priority is the customer, and that is evident not only through its highly rated products but also its customer service. Surviveware is also a Proud Supporter of Hands Free, a charity providing 3D printed prosthetics to children and veterans.


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