Spirit of Success Is Seeking Contributors for Its Upcoming Book

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(Newswire.net — August 14, 2017) Hudson, WI — Much like its sister platform, SpiritofBusinessSuccess.com, plans are underway for SpiritofEntrepreneurialSuccess.com to present a book dedicated to business success, particularly entrepreneurship. “Ready for Success” explores the many aspects of preparedness in order to make significant strides with one’s goal, whether that goal happens to be a new business, an important contract or a new profession, to name a few.  

While the underlying principles of the book have been defined, the door remains open for contributions from subject-matter experts. Throughout the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to thought leaders, authors, presenters and a variety of mentors for their insights into what it takes to achieve sustainable success with a dream or goal. We’ll also explore prevalent sticking points or stumbling blocks that tend to frustrate or derail achievers.  

As with our previous publication, we are in the process of interviewing a series of individuals, each of whom brings a different perspective on success preparation. Their diverse insights will yield a rich combination of actionable advice that will build the confidence and resourcefulness of the reader. We envision “Ready for Success” to be an important guidebook for business startups, new team development, new project and product launches.   

If you have expertise in one or more areas relevant to “Ready for Success” and are intrigued by the idea of combining forces on a book that will be well-branded and distributed to a large group of hard-working entrepreneurs, we’d enjoy hearing from you. Please contact us at (contact page) with a brief explanation of your history and talents.  

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